• Good morning everyone,

    Recently some whiners and cheaters started a campaign against our platoon R4YL admins, and to be particular that was more towards me. FYI. I quit all the admin work, and I won't ban/kick anybody. That started like a week ago, and there is no going back for me, simply because I didn't find it amusing to take blame for things I haven't done.

    Lets me give you a headsup about the story:

    It started when BigDukeSix told me that Antitoxis want some help with the servers cost because it's getting too much for him (He mainly pays for the whole thing). So he proposed that we (RY4L) and him (BigDukeSix) will pay the server cost for PB1 for a complete year, and in return he will give us a few admin/vip slots. We said ok, we want to help to keep BFH alive,and because you want to continue our fun playing on PB server.

    We didn't ask to be admins, we were offered to be.

    Most of you know me and know what I do, you can look here to see how many cheaters I have caught and recorded: https://plays.tv/u/mas0h

    Before being admin and after, and I still have some cheaters videos on my disk ( lazy to upload)

    I have never insulted anyone, and will not. I enjoy having fun playing with you and kicking your asses and get my ass kicked also :).

    For those cheaters and whiners: you may have won this battle but not the war.^^