vote for your server/s

  • please vote your favorite servers 38

    1. PB1 Conquest (21) 55%
    2. PB2 TDM (18) 47%
    3. PB3 Hotwire (14) 37%
    4. PB4 Downtown only (10) 26%
    5. PB5 Dustbowl only (7) 18%
    6. BF3 noshahr only (3) 8%
    7. BF3 2 TDM (2) 5%

    Please vote. you can choose the different servers.

  • By this logic: simply kill every server except of one and put both maps and game modes into vote. Ez pz lemon squeezy. Right?

    I did not say that. If the administrators do not have enough money for the server, then you can leave only one server with this mode (one server with a CQL, one server with a TDM). This will be the most reasonable solution, better than leaving PB4 and PB5 with one map and for them to reduce number of slots on the TDM. Play only one map with only one mode and for the sake of it to keep the server - too expensive pleasure

  • Danniboy2205 did it public on the other topic, I didn't text it but I also donated a little amount.

    All fine - meant Engalla - didn't see anything of him the past weeks but this single post.

    All in all the feedback we received the past days was way bigger than we expected. I guess Anti will post something about it tonight.

  • B4n4n45p1i7 i just became a dad and taking a break from PvP games but i think you should look up my server rank and the time i have played on the server, and no i havent postet anything for a while after YOUR last comment on a post......

    May 31, 2016 1:19 AM Last Friday at 11:12 AM 7,888,548 19,459 3,058 0.16 11,891 1.64 146 12 16 days 959 551 336 1.64 #PB 5 | best Dust only | Vot...
  • Love PB3 BUT....Something should be done if possible with team stacking . Auto balance does not always work. It happens more and more often with all very good players in one team and less experience players in the other. That really kills the game IMO and I have already seen drop in player's numbers on PB3

  • I am sure that rest of the folks who actually paid portion of the PB#3's rental don't necessarily agree with me (with the exception of Hans) but I'd like to propose change in server rules (inspired by LF's Blood Money server) forbidding the use of breaching charges, laser mines and missile/grenade launchers, except hand grenades and Stinger launchers in PB#3. I had hoped that the fact that people paid for it, would decrease the massive camp fest, because it's now in their interest also to have the server populated but seems I was wrong. It's worse than it was before. I've gotten to the point where I simply hunt or try to hunt down people I know camp on the key spots and just ignore the game or tickets itself.

    Forbidding explosives and launchers might help with keeping PB#3 server populated. Keep newer players interested as well, outside the "core group".

    Sad truth is, "old hands", unless evenly divided by skill and amount, rape the ever-living holy hell out of one side or another and ending the round with a 800 ticket difference (out of 1000) and half the players from losing team disconnecting is nowadays rather a rule than a exception. I see declarations of "I never play this fucking shit mode again" already every day. All of it because breaching charges, SMAW's, RPG's and "tubes" (M79/M320) are just too widely used and temptation to get nice killratios is just too fucking great.

    Shoot the enemy out of cars, destroy the cars with gunfire, chase them down, ram them instead.. whatever but not the endless c4/smaw/rpg fest.

    It would also be more interesting.

    //Ranting mode off.

  • Not only just him . As you know very well there are others but let's not mention any names. I would say that I accept use of RPG or tubes to certain extent ( and Coupe Kills :) ) but not camping with explosives. Still I rather go with Unit's guns and stingers only

  • Use the names I would love to see who else is being revered to in camping with RPG or C4 the hole duration of the map,but then you might as well ban the use of the chopper.

    Some times that's all people do for the hole game..that also gets people to leave the map.


    but lets see what the admin gods decide..

    I had fun last night thanks:thumbup:

  • I am following this conversation.........:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:Revering to SALTWATERDAVE if I am not mistaken

    Not only him though he was the final trigger yesterday. Day or two before this, I had to seed the server twice in order to get it going. Because some dude wanted to pad his stats with the rpg while there was less than 10 people in ther server. He did not give a shit about others or the server itself. So, the server died and it took me 2h of waiting to get it going again. I won't bother seeding it today, I can play conquest instead of hotwire just fine (example from today).

    Zimzanawana No, I am not going to call any names nor point any fingers because it would be dishonest. Most of PB#3 players, except rank noobs who dont know where'd you get a RPG - use these to a higher or lesser degree. As well as breaching charges. Many who do it are actually very adaptable and can play any which way - it's just easier going with the rpgs.

    Problem appears when gameplay for one side becomes flat-out impossible, because players can't drive marked cars for more than 5 seconds before being blown up or even worse, can't even get out of their base at all.

    Why would they want to stay there when the whole experience is extreme opposite of fun?

    Transport heli remains a problem, when it has proficient crew (2 repairmen with "fast repairs") it's damn near unkillable without SMAW - taking 3 or more stingers spamming missiles towards it at the same time (for a Conq player hard to fathom).

    While I played with cachopelo yesterday, we were at one point shooting both at the same marked car using battle rifles (SG510 and HK51). Car died in less than 10 seconds. So, it ain't hard and it would give drivers driving actual sense of having a chance of escaping. Ramming marked cars at full speed using another car seems to damage target cars as well more than it does to the car doing the ramming - it could be another tactics.

    There's a host of possibilities which remain unexplored because it's just so much easier to plant the fucking breaching charges, grab RPG and wait for the car driving past.