Collection: PunkBuster permanent ban (#52120)

  • If you got banned by PunkBuster by the End of May / Beginning of June please post here.

    Avoid double posts please collect your intel, thats the only thing that can help.

    To make it clear:

    • PB and LF did not ban you.
    • Punkbuster / Evenbalance banned you.
    • Ban #52120 means you are banned because of cheating. This may be a false positive.
    • We currently do not know why you got banned by PunkBuster, since it regularly runs pretty reliable.
    • Punkbuster has to run on all Battlefield-Servers and can not be shut off.
    • EA can not and will not help you with this, since they say PunkBuster is a third-party program with own support.

    Please open a support ticket at and share your information here.

    We currently hope the more support requests they get the more likely they will lift a ban.

    To be honest, there is only a tiny chance that your ban might be lifted ... most likely they will tell that you cheated and will stay banned without more information.

  • Got banned on 30.05 for alleged aimbot use. I was actually spectating and recording footage on LF Blood Money server using MSI Afterburner.Perhaps PB detected use of external program or something else might have happened not too sure what could have done wrong . Never in my 20 yers online gaming experience would I ever use any hacks/cheats/etc. I have raised it with pb balance, I can't do anything with pb bans since my name is not on ban list. What happened over last few days is a mystery for me. My stats are a proof I don't cheat but then again don't expect ban to be lifted soon. Really annoyed :(

  • #52120 bans have been dished out for BF3, BF4 and BFH. It's probably false positive of a pretty commonly used external program that some way hooks itself to game executable. If it was real aimbot, it would be limited to single game. My 2 cents.

    Afterburner would be suspect. It does hooking.

  • i never use hacks,them why this....

    [05.31.2018 16:45:39] pb_LogToFile = 1 (0=No, 1=Yes)

    [05.31.2018 16:45:39] Attempting to resolve

    [05.31.2018 16:45:39] Resolved to [] (14)

    [05.31.2018 16:45:39] PunkBuster Client (v2.340 | A0 v) Enabled

    [05.31.2018 16:45:39] Game Version [612926]

    [05.31.2018 16:45:39] Connected to Server

    [05.31.2018 16:45:40] WARNING: PB Kicks for Level 1 PB Restrictions on this Server

    [05.31.2018 16:45:40] PB Server assigned guid = 1d7b386e0e5431f683b1cefe29bb2043

    [05.31.2018 16:45:40] Receiving from PB Server (v v1.888 | A1383 C2.340)

    [05.31.2018 16:45:42] PB Services socket initialized

    [05.31.2018 16:45:44] PnkBstrA successfully loaded PnkBstrB

    [05.31.2018 16:45:47] PnkBstrB service installed and started successfully

    [05.31.2018 16:46:04] Violation (AIMBOT) #52120

    [05.31.2018 16:46:08] Not Connected to a Server

    search my guid on GGC... clean... WTF this manual ban for AIMBOT!!!

    Help me, i need 311 headshots with R700 LTR for my 10.000 headhots. I make 9689 HS with this weapon with my skill not ussing hax...

    My guid is clean,remove my FAKE RAGE BAN pls. Thanks

  • Guys, you are acting like the admins banned you. It is a PunkBuster issue, so all you can do is contact them and wait for an answer. Neither the admins here nor any other player can help you. I can understand your anger but keep calm and wait.

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  • not very likely it will get resolved, 100's got banned in last few days . At least you have your GUID number so you can launch appeal. I can't find myself on pb list yet keep getting kicked for alleged aimboot . My email to evenbalance has not been answered yet

  • In my case it was MSI Afterburner when recording on LF Blood Money server. Banned in spectator mod . I have raised ticket with evenbalance but like you said it will take ages specially with this wave of BF3, BF4 Hardlline banns

    I highly doubt it was caused by MSI Afterburner. I have mines run at startup to control fan speed when my Zotac GTX 960 4GB hits 100% GPU load at 85C, the fan runs at max 65% fan speed. Normally it would run at 100% and that is way too loud.

  • look at my stats if you have any doubts or ask people I have been playing with .Anyway we did play together so you know I don't do silly stuff like hacks. Well not sure what have caused this silly situation but I have doubts it will get resolved soon