Unban request [DENIED]

  • Hi Thers (Player/QQ-M""-N"")

    I wanna give you a heads up due to the fact if you don't change your behavior in-game vs others you-may-ending-up/risk being banned on many more then just Name @ origin.....(and the current few servers of-the-moment/now/ATM "including those of others")
    That could Potentially result in future bans on future accounts, Games, Servers and services....
    (Dunno if you ever wanna play BF1 but the community's and Clan's that banned you ATM will make a HUGE part/chunk of BF1 platform + Due to the fact they are followed by 10.000+ servers of others....since BF is only decreasing @ player base and server amount/number levels...
    You MAY wanna step down and take a breath before continuing your "rampage".
    There are MANY ways to track a player resulting in Bans even on future/new accounts, (sometimes if not still many times even after) re-installs of Games/Software.

    Keep that in mind when you continue on your "Rampage" to get on Ban listings everywhere.

    Long term difference's;
    (Showing good behavior on long term and getting unbanned by one after another COULD be an indicator for others to do the same...as well as in a case of bad behavior and violations of any kind)

    Greetings a BF Dedi Player/Dedi Admin/BF Junky