Cheater EXTREM_xXxWTFxXx

  • Hi there

    TY for the Post

    Banned for 1 month or until specific proof has been posted in here. (Got very limited time and many hands is what makes light work,
    If YOU got the definitive proof WE got a "hammer" for it ;-) )

    Ban period; September 8, 2016 5:09 PM – October 8, 2016 5:09 PM
    Proof of innocence obviously will end in almost ASAP unban.

    PS; Admin panel is up on our Stats page, we can now relatively easily manage servers and bans.
    (Reminds me, we now got 8 servers...I think we should have servers with LIVE K/D limits, based on in-game/live K/D of the rounds the are playing, not kicking untill threshold so EVERYONE limiting there K/D can still play there)
    The User/member/VIP/Staff successfully getting a vote up and running and completed MAY/MIGHT get a 1 month VIP.
    (Disclaimer; Staff will decide together/internally IF it was worth it and good/accurate enough to provide VIP slot...more effort equals/= more chance...also in my personal book on future projects ;-) )

    Greetz Jimmy D