ban cancelled

  • Hi, can I ask you again and ask you to cancel the ban on your servers? I really know that sucking the admins was a mistake, and I'm sorry. So, please cancel my bans on your servers? my nickname is CZE_MAVERICK thanks in advance for the answer



    admin insulted

    I do not know why the ban has come .. I know ... admin insulted

    you would have dismissed me because I think everybody is going out of their nerves ... if you kill someone on a bike several times over the whole map and nobody does it ... I admit I should not be more grotesque and I should behave honestly for that I am sorry. so maybe it will be enough for you ... thank you and tell me if you will cancel or not


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  • I guess I did it according to what you wrote to me ... and somehow I expected some kind of statement ... you have the ban canceled or sorry ban we will not cancel you ... how then? do i get any answer ???

  • We do have a work life and a private life. Administrating these servers is part of our hobby, so it might take some time until the banning admin responde to your requst. In your case this would be B4n4n45p1i7 and you are not helping yourself by asking how long it will take for a responde