Suggestion of respect

  • I know it's not in your server rules, but it offends me

    Some players abuse all the time when kill with this:

    - spray emblem as "You Noob" " You Suck"

    - Tbag (less annoying)

    If they are kid i understand, but at the time of the morning the children are in school

  • Hey,

    I do understand you. I really do. Im a teacher and Ive got to deal with disrespectful behaviour very often during my work. And some parents are even worse than their children. But I am afraid, you wont change people into being nice and polite. I really wish you could, but everyone needs to make that desicion on his own.

    We could just make a rule and use punishments, but to be honest, our banlist would explode. But in some extreme cases, we did punish for tbagging in the past! This game is for adults only so whoever plays it should be able to deal with that kind like spraying provoking emblems or tbagging. But then again, our banlist proofs us that there are quite some "adults" that cant handle their emotions.

  • I believe that especially emblem spray if it were added to the rules.

    With a simple kick 0 minutes when admin online, with time people will stop using.

    I say it to see on certain bf4 servers.

    Sry again for my english

  • pardo , if you dont want to be tbagged dont camp at base with 4x4 or came to our base to kill us, if you want i can upload videos.

    I do not want to make personal controversy

    - first

    today I just found out that this is not allowed.

    Since I did not understand well the red zone.

    This zone for my team is not red if for the enemy, here my confusión.

    - Second

    it's not just for today

    it's not just for you it's for other players.

    when you put spray "you noob" i was trying to kill a sniper in a water tower and then conquer E

    PS: who knows how to play, can call me anything but not camper

  • The game is Rated M for Mature. If someone's spray hurts your feelings, you should not play this game. You should accept the fact the spray is harmless. The spray is not going to kill you in your sleep.

    As for the teabagging, just say in chat "Why you like to ride my dead body?" The next time they teabag you, they just teabag the ground but not directly over your body. The teabaggers have a fetish they are too embarrassed to admit. Also, teabagging is meaningless. It is just to make your left pinky more tired.

    You can also turn off the chat by pushing H two times. Voice talk is to your squad only.