PB screnshot?

  • Excuse if the subject is in another post.

    I think it would be helpful to be able to use the client command pbss, when there is no admin online.

    when i played in bf4 24/7 locker server only autoadmin, player can use x times command, being able to see the ss in an http.

    I do not know if it is in present easy for the free hacks to falsify ss

    PS: despite i sending hundreds of ss, one day my PB send 3 ss in black = ban. I never knew why it happened

  • A person like Antitoxis would have to review each screenshot before he can submit them for PBSS ban. It's very time consuming to look at hundreds or thousands of screenshots.

    Admin only has to see positive SS in report hack thread, the same as the videos reports.

    I do not know the name off pluging, but all proces is automatic.

    When player type pbss nameplayer the server capture three SS.

    Then upload to a server and add an entry with the player's name day and time in http:// list of SS

  • Since the images are stored on the server and not at your home, we as admin need to see through each image and review. Maybe it's a cheater. Depending on how often the function is executed.

    Are that then some pictures.

    See no advantage over the videos.

    Do not look around for a necessity. Since we have very few hackers and, nevertheless, they are pretty quickly banished.

  • it seems to me that they have not understood me

    I do not say it's better than video, It is complementary and a first step, before having to look at spec.

    I repeat, the administrators do not have to look at all the screenshots.

    The client that executes the command !pbss nameplayer will be the one that looks at your public server http.

    if in the image there is a hack, it is reported to the forum and without seeing anything, it is not reported.

    the bf4 servers that I saw with this client command the http was this "/svss/pbsvss.htm"

    Some i found in Google:

    http://www.anticheatinc.net/fo…php?pageid=aapbss#Finding PBSS via Internet Browser




    Many times early morning game, when there are some low rank (0-60) are suspicious.

    I understand that this command is not added because it requires time to configure the server, but not because it is not necessary.

    I think it could be a more protective layer. I do not bother you anymore with this topic

  • I did understand you, still for the last 250 players it's not worth anymore.

    AND we do have PB-bans, even without screenshots.

    90% of our bans are still undetected by PB/EA/... so this won't help us much today AND it costs money ;)

  • sometimes there are players who have a disability playing the game who have way more deaths than kills, players who are very new to the game, or they are stats padders/booster. It's very easy to see someone boosting on their 2nd account by using procon to look for the same ip address. Sometimes they use a VPN or Proxy then you look the location of the IP address on whatsmyip website then make a judgment call. It's very common to see very low Kill/Death ratios on hardcore servers. It's uncommon to see someone with 0 kills and 50+ deaths in a normal server. Those players should be checked out.