Anyxie and his friends are ruining your servers.

  • Hello,

    I have been repeatedly insulted from a scum bag called Majed:

    He was perm-banned before but Anyxie unbanned him for some reason.

    He has another account:

    Every time I kill him he insults me in Arabic, Anyxie was there in Dustbowl when he insulted me and I called him to take any action, but he replied to me "please calm down and play" just because he is his friend and they are playing together on discord.

    Today he created a new account here :

    The account name translates to Are_You_Donkey, 7mar = Donkey in Arabic. He insulted me again in so I insulted back. now what was funny that some admin killed me for that.

    I have a question that I need an answer for plz. Who is the admin who killed me? and why have you unbanned a racist offensive salty account ( he was banned b4 for that).

    Have a good day.

  • The only kid around here is the one who is blinded to see a clear insult even the account name is "Are_You_Donkey" Are you blind to not see an insult here? He was permanent banned for language two times before. and you gave him two weeks ban here: bad language/ Racist

    Are you sure nobody is immune here?

    I didn't say i was kicked? I asked a question: Who is the admin who killed me? because the insult was in Arabic and I replied in Arabic. So either the killing admin has Arabic knowledge or he was waiting for a flag from that scumbag.

    I have been playing on PB servers not LF since more thatn two years now, and never complained about insult, but this is happening by the blessings of on or more admins here. and It has to stop or the game will be gone for good.

  • [LF]Redskins , If you find the admin who killed me for language, you will find out the complete story.

    Either one of you (admins) gave him his username/password of the web interface to have admin powers. or He spoke to an admin on discord to kill me.

    I didn't get killed for with a language warning by myself?

    Majed and Ghost are the same person, just two different accounts. I'm 100% sure of that ,watch chat logs and you will see something like "I will use the other account" before he quits and rejoins with the other account.


    scrolldown a little bit and you will find this "i will come with majed56106 account"

    In addition he bought a third account today with the name Are_you_donkey.

    Majed was banned permanently two times before ( surprisingly he was un-banned? He keeps insulting ppl so you give him only two weeks?

    More chatlogs with more insults and another talk about changing account:

    all that are insults to me and my mother, my sister (despite I don't have sisters). but in Arabic language, and all that just because I killed him.

    So goes for ghost account, but maybe I will search chatlogs for that account later.

  • i have looked any his chatlog through no command that went against you so what should i do

    i can't ban everyone who might play with a different account i already had both players together on our server so i can't imagine that it's his account, too

    we're still waiting for other admins to say what they say.

  • Maso please, stop living in ur own world. I hate to post here but im so tired.

    Many of u want everything from admins and thats not possible.

    In that "dustbowl" u started mimimi* cuz majed "stole" ur heli (didnt know that every heli is urs). I told him to give it back to u and shut up CUZ U TWO were insulting each other. He stopped chating and u keep the mimimi* stuff. There was 2 options: 1st. Kicking u both, 2nd. Telling u to play and calm down since he wasnt chatting anymore.

    Everytime u kill me u keep tbaging with no reason , well urs is that im playing only for my friends but hmmmmm .... "Anyxie unbanned him for some reason". As it was said ur wrong, like always (should i remember u the "Anyxie is using WH").

    If the game is dying is cuz people like u. Suv and Cat campers, Helis raping eveytime, people thinking that whoever is better is cheating ...

    If u hate me its ok xd i dont like u either. U can always be like elpacoalcacer and make video -in the next one i want the beer please-. Please dont cry and dont tell only "one side story" and spread false rumors.


    Btw u can always come to my fanlovers web and post there

    Please lets all relax and keep playing this lovely game till the end of it.

    Love u all.

  • Now you stop lying, I never insulted him first, all my insults were re-action to his. Anyxie, I don't like you but I never insulted you, unlike you insulted me in public on TV with the hot Asian Tonka, back in the days while she was streaming on twitch, when you called me motherfucker, remember that?

    For the rest of your speech, frankly i din't understand anything, you might want to rephrase.