• Hello everyone,

    So, I've been trying to play Hardline for a while, but I've been struggling a little bit in finding populated servers nearby Brazil. Truth is that no significant amount of people play this game around here, and altough we may have a plenty of servers available, people just won't join them.

    For some reason people are still used to play this game on Europe, and I've found yours servers which most of the time have at least 40 players on a Conquest match, which is really satisfying. But on the other hand, the distance influences directly my ping, which is from 200 to 210 ms on these servers.

    Well, I've played for a plenty of times on your servers, but got kicked for high ping an other few. And to be honest, I perfectly understand that a 200ms ping definitely is not an ideal condition for playing. At the same I have the feeling that this game deals way better with high ping players than BF4.

    In a nutshell, I was wondering if it's possible to raise a little bit the ping tolerance for me to play. I may be aware of the implications of bad latency, and I do apologize, but I would never ask for the same under 'normal' conditions. By not playing on your servers, basically I won't be able to play BFH anymore.


  • There is another way to get around of ping kicks. If you donate a certain amount, you would become a VIP player. Which means you have some benefits such as reserved slot, no team switching by autobalancer and high ping kick immunity. Since you are enjoying playing on these servers you would also help to keep the servers running. Actually a win win situation. You can find some informations about VIP slots right here.

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