VIP Slot - Ping Whitelist

  • Antitoxis I dont think buy VIP give him the right to get ping whitelist he know exactly where he play on EU server not US.

    if he have spike he can play on US server not EU server where we know what he do (close friend of Rage).


    Like I told you multiple times before I don't care about you. I am not bullet proof and neither is Rage. I killed him a couple of times before he stepped outside the elevator. He always wears FIre Mask, so I used a gas grenade. If you manage to kill him enough times, he will unfriend someone on his list then friend you to ask you "how?" You can only wear one mask at a time. He may even ask for your Tinder profile.

    My only priority is to get all gold guns. I don't care about winning or losing. Every time when you're in the server, you're like "OMG I HATE CAMPTOKILL I cannot stand having CampToKill on my team." You spam the !assist command to join the opposite team." Then when I kill you, you start raging in chat. Who's fault is that? It's your fault for going to the other team. Some times you !assist the losing team then you cannot handle losing and start raging in chat about your team being all noobs.