High Ping!!

  • You think ? Everyone over the world of gaming know high ping is advantage mostly to one side.(high ping owner). or this is not correct info ?

    I am not sure what you call killable player? When you know or dont know when its killable ?

    Please do give me some other post say something else really interesting to know other opinion

  • I want to share something too, :D:D:D:D:D

    [Blocked Image: https://i.imgur.com/cqqwjuL.png]

    Months ago he telling poeple about "fair play" and "respect server" when he switched to winning team.

    Today he accuses me of giving the enemy team our chopper before I change teams.

    [Blocked Image: https://i.imgur.com/ZxTKbYj.png]

    And days ago he make a post about ban players for stealing vehicles. He do the same and his excuse is that is not a rule yet.

    As you can see at 0:19 he said that he take chopper enemies leave.

    And at 4:26 the moment when i die and as you can see at chat i got balanced, i dont assist or switch team, thats the time he referres at chatlog that i gave chopper to enemies and i switch teams.

  • Antitoxis   B4n4n45p1i7 Can you please remove is reply from the post no connection to the post discussion.

  • What you mean I believe did you even read the post or only reply for the title of high ping ?

    Did you comprehend what the thread on LinusTechTips is about? I'll provide you a summary, since my English is excellent:

    The people are having a discussion about high ping, how to fix the problem, and why it seems like high ping is an advantage or disadvantage.

    You see things .23 seconds after people, and people may not even be able to hit you depending on how the game engine works.

    Really for online fps games you want 100ms ping max, you may get banned/reported because of the high ping on that server since it will give you a slight advantage because you can hit people, and they can't hit you.

    This is basically your conclusion highlighted in yellow from the quote I think you're referring to.

    I will admit I do have an advantage over you, but it's not related to ping because of these reasons:

    1. I know you snipe like 90% of the time and spend the other 10% in vehicles.
    2. You use a bolt-action sniper rifle with an 8x scope. Your follow-up shots are too slow.
    3. You like to camp as far as possible to avoid detection like redzone hill camping (Dust Bowl), high roofs glitching (Downtown), and in houses people never go to (Dust Bowl). The only times I purse the Orange Doritos (triangle) is when I near them otherwise it's a waste of time to run across the map to kill one person when I can get 5+ kills in the closest flag with all the action happening.
    4. A sniper is not hard to find especially if I know you're in the server. I would assume that's you (or some other novice sniper) with a low K/D ratiothat appearing on the full map. Someone who is shooting and camping in the same location is a sniper.
    5. I know you have a second monitor, laptop, or tablet open to monitor http://stats.pb-clan.de/ server dashboard to keep track of who jumps into the spectator's slot to make sure--I don't record a video of you-- redzone camping on the hill or high roof glitching. I have to admit this is stupid way to get back at me because you probably spend most of your time looking at this screen than actually playing the game on your main monitor. This might explain why your Kills are so low. It would be a shame if Antitoxis found out with solid evidence you were breaking server rules while being a member of the [PB] clan.
    6. You have no knowledge of the advance game mechanics and strategies because if you did, you would have been much harder to find. Time for you to read up Battlefield Hardline Prima Guide.

    I spend most of my time using the map to my advantage to rack up kills for my gold skins. You have to get lucky to headshot me or shoot me when I have low HP with your bolt-action sniper rifle. I am not going to stand near a window to make myself an easy headshot for you. That's why you rarely kill me. When you kill me, it's not a big deal because dying is part of the game. When I kill you, you always get upset especially if I find you camping and sniping from one of those houses on Dust Bowl. Maybe next time you should just stay on the team I am on rather than assisting the other team only to have your mental health deteriorate away.

    The only reason you're bringing attention to high ping because I am the only one who has high ping and is constantly killing you over and over. This all started when you started to "assist the other team to get away from me" but without realizing you made it much worst for yourself. You don't want to acknowledge this...

  • First its not only about you . I did not start the post with your name on it right? and if you notice you always reply my posts not matter what . "On the thief's head is the hat burning" you know this right.

    Now All the above is about me or yourself ? is it part of your sarcastic and patronize behavior?

    Yes your English is much better than my . I am sure Hebrew will be much harder for you to.

    I didn't read the guide I do not really believe you read it to or even anyone in this community and be honest I do not think anyone here really care about you get gold skin like you always say . like this going to change anything.

    I am not going to argue with you about how I play I found out in the community we have some player protect each other here for someone reason I do not know yet. but its remind me old game "Delta Force Black Hawk Down" .

    Have good life I have one request from you I wont speak with you again, Just do not speak with me or reply my chat if I do not speak with you directly can you do that?

    One more post : https://www.bandwidthplace.com…latency-in-online-gaming/