• Hi ,

    Any idea why on PB servers have no anti-cheat service like PBBans and GGCStream?

    And from what I look its not cost money maybe I am wrong but this how its look like.

    Dont you think its better to have anti-cheat service ?


  • PBBans and GGCStream only match ban lists from Punkbuster.

    They do not do more.

    GGC also keeps its own database. If a cheater is not banned with PunkBuster but is banned with GGC, the cheater cannot enter any server with the GGC plugin. You can also add new cheaters in BFH to GGC's database, so when they enter a GGC streamed BF4 server, they get kicked out too.

  • Some servers could already be streaming to GGC or ACI, but they don't advertise it. That's how you catch and ban more cheaters.

  • Well,TeamSU guys have PBBans................. and you know where hackers banned at PB and LF go to play?

    Yeah, hackers go to play to TeamSU servers.

    I guess no matter what I say you will always have something against it ,

    I forgot you EA certificate you have ray vision to see hackers, (wonder what list you take it)

  • We have a hacker database, we have 3871 players banned.

    GGC and PBBans are also banned manually, but this has not been done for years. Just look at the database of BF 4 and BF 3, these are all Punkbusterbans.

    We have bans on our list that Punkbuster never recognized. Are some of us banned for insulting.

  • Punkbuster does not have his own ban list, so you could not understand why you were banned.

    No system is error free.

    By GGC and PBBans you could understand it and submit a ticket to Punkbuster.

    That one is again unbanned. And at an early hour, they stopped banning manuals.

  • The thing is pretty easy:

    When you have like 1000 servers and all of them share a cheater-database, your community cleans itself up (Banned on Server #1 and #5 -> Banned on all servers).

    BUT: If you are banned by a badmin, it is very likely you get banned on all 1000 servers for doing nothing but "using a chopper". Maybe you have been also been baseraping, but may not be forbidden on all 1000 servers so you get banned on all servers for "nothing".

    All in all the system CAN work, when you only follow the good admins and the best servers and only ban them where you trust the admins.

    Now we are on BFH.... only like 10 servers left, no community to share a database and all players in these databases have already been banned years ago (PB did use GGC-Stream or PBBans, not sure, some years ago, when it was worth it - Schiggi checked there for fishy players on our own servers THEN).

    Conclusion: You have a current database adminstrated by 8 (and more) active admins + big community of ~ 100 players that report to us on PB, or you have a "GGC-Stream" where no player has been banned for years. Which one is the "cleaner" server?

    You do know why PB and LF servers stayed while all others went away over time? Because we have active admins + a good community and therefore clean servers.

    Thanks to all our admin assistants: )

  • Good answer , But I think some have interest to mark some "clean" . that what I think but that just me and very few more

  • If you're banned by a badmin for a non-cheating reason, you can lose access to GGC or any other 3rd party anti-cheat. You basically give access to responsible admins who will not abuse the GGC bans. It's easy to appeal the badmin bans, all they do is look up how many accounts you have on your current IP address and look at all your past linked battlefield account.