To our friends from TeamSU

  • Dear friends,

    since I got a link to your recent topic about DDos attacks this morning I decided to write you an open letter as response to your messages for us, if I read them correctly.

    First of all I want to make clear: We did never and never will perform any attacks to anyone. Next to the fact that this is illigal and can be punished by prison time, we are all adult players who want to have fun in our free time. Anything like a war against other persons or communities is the last we want.

    There currently are loads of DDoS attacks against several servers. Our servers are permanently under attack for weeks. Even our root server for procon and teamspeak was down for more than 2 weeks because our hoster has been attacked several times. That is one reason why so many players switched to your servers, we simply were not able to moderate and administrate our servers.

    Furthermore, we do not have any fake bots. All accounts we use to populate our servers are manually controlled and installed on various PCs (We did try VMs and seeder plugins in the past but nothing worked for a long enough time good enough)

    This said I can tell you that Antitoxis pressed charges against you this morning at a local police station. Your forum post where you posted your logs and our logs should be of good use for this.

    What are we doing these past days?

    Our game servers are running out in a few days. We have had various discussions about how to proceed. We thought about closing down all hardline servers since the player base is really low and administrative work is high for us few admins. We thought about other game modes and other maps and were all in all not sure if it does make sense to proceed in hardline.

    On friday we finally managed to get along and decided to proceed with some minor internal changes (LF and PB grew even closer together). We started switching some maps, populated the servers, some older members even came back since they grew boring of the same old maps / modes and thought hardline could be fun once more.

    Just when our changes took effekt you guys thought you have to attack us with your bot accounts / money / servers / whatever, all just with the excuse of fighting us back. I am not sure if you are afraid our newly active admins and growing player counts endanger your new dominance, or if you really are that paranoid and think we actively attack you, but alone the way we work with out few little accounts populating the servers and your army of bots should proof that we do not have the ressources to actively attack you, since my understanding of a DDos attack nowadays is different from a mail bomber in 1999.

    Concluded I only have to say that I do not understand where all your hate and dominance behaviour is coming from, since we are a peacefully playing gaming community in hardline for years while you start this with a 5 year old game ...

    That is all we have to say to this topic. I will not respond to this whole case any more and will not play any war or whatever you think about this.

    Best regards,

    Jan and all PB / LF Admins