Battlefield: Hardline is officially dying now or almost dead

  • [CELTS] servers are gone! Read…g_goodbye_to_hardline_pc/


    As of the first of July, the celts will no longer be hosting servers, Racists crash your servers everyday and openly tell you, you temp ban someone they crash your servers, they personally attack your private life, for this reason we can no longer go on. Thanks all for your support.

    The only active servers are [HAND] USA, usual boosting, and random servers that are for rent. [HAND] server is mainly for newbies and noobs with low Kill/Death ratio. They have a child admin who temp bans people for overpowering them. Since EA brought the entire battlefield line to Steam, no one is buying hardline and if they did, they're getting refunds. Time to officially delete my BFH backup folder to free up 50 GB off my SSD.

    Good game everyone!

    Good bye. :)