Suggestions for the TDM server

  • Hi guys!

    After some time spent on the TDM server, I want to leave some suggestions:

    1. Sometimes the balance in the teams don't work that well. It can, for exemple, be like 18 vs. 12 or other numbers, with many on the second team being AFK.

    2. The AFK system feels like don't work, people can stay much time in AFK without being automaticaly kicked. It can be, for example, the admins/clan members to don't get kicked, and for the normal people, after a couple of minutes to get automatic kick, if this can happen.

    3. The next map message in chat isn't working well. For example, it can show in chat that the next map will be Bank Job, but the server can change to Downtown.

    4. Some maps are repeating unusually sometimes. For exemple, the next map after The Block can be again The Block.

    5. The Block map on TDM, 90% off the time its camping with Flir and shooting. In my opinion it's a cancer map because u mostly camping, shooting and throwing nades with no skill, and can be replaiced with Everglades, where it's not that camping.

    6. The russian language it's annoying to see in the chat. Maybe you can do something about it.

    I think most of this suggestions you are awere of them, but if I have another feedback I will wrote here. :)

    Thank you!