Strange decision

  • Hello. I in big bewilderment from what has occurred. It is my problem what many accuse me of a cheating? I believe that I am not present. I play in the mornings, before job or study, occasionally, in the evenings, in the pleasure. Because of your ban, I can't play now anywhere, all refer to my metaban. I don't know what are necessary to you proofs.

    One of final rounds:

    Old video from 3rd person:

    Last ESL game (logs from ESL Wire):

  • Hi Revan,

    There is a strange this aboute your game play (not normal). I have friends in this game who played all battlefields and are pro players everytime there a player against you there is somthing wrong aboute you, let me talk aboute this with expert EA.

    Battlefield Leader

  • Revan has accumulated a grand total of 1800+ hours in the battlefield franchise, naturally he's going to achieve better results than your average BFH player.

    I'm not saying that he isn't cheating BUT it's very unprofessional to ban someone without proper evidence.

    Record some footage, show it to us and point out the situations where, without a reasonable doubt, it's clear that he must be cheating.

    I find it very wrong to ban someone based off of suspicion alone, if that becomes the standard then I'm worried for the future of PB.

    PS: If EA were such experts at detecting cheaters then fairfight/punkbuster would be enough to keep them all away...

  • Willy first off all i don't think you got admin stats Dashboard ?, i have 3 pages off guys who keep teling me that he is a cheater i never had this before, i'm not alone to say that. He got ban not long ago by VOTE in game everybody says the same thing. So like i say before i will discuss this with other admins. for now he still ban.

    On the other side WILLY you are not wrong aboute this.

    Battlefield Leader

  • So what are you trying to tell me?

    Are you claiming that when enough people are telling you something that automatically makes it legitimate?

    What kind of medieval style decision making is that?

    Doesn't matter if it's 3 or 300 pages of people complaining in chat, someone shouldn't be banned without proper evidence.

    And X number of people voting to ban or saying that he's cheating is by no means proper evidence.

    For instance, some people complain about me in chat all the time, claiming that i'm cheating and so forth.

    Did you ban me for that? No, because banning someone for that reasoning alone would be ludicrous. So why are you doing it to him?

  • Quote from razielpro1

    but when i'm right i come to you willy and you explain it

    There seems to be a missunderstanding.

    I am not claiming that he can't possibly be cheating. He may or he may not.

    But to ban him without concluding a proper investigation first is unprofessional.

    I completely support banning cheaters, just make sure you have conclusive evidence that they are actual cheaters before you ban people.

  • Good morning Revan, and everybody,

    I remember when you got my attack helo with SMAW in DUSTBOWL across the map from more than 100 meters hight, you said lucky shot in time. and i said to myself "maybe". but when that repeated many times, i think I had the right to be suspicious about you.

    I browsed you channel on youtube, and found only small vids 20 to 30 seconds, so I couldn't judge if you are cheating or not from those vids, so I reported you as a cheater, because I rarely got to kill you by rifle, only with vehicles I was able to kill you, and I believe many PB users are in the same boat with me.

    I'm on PB server since more than six months I think I have never met someone like you.
    From my heart I wish your ban still be active, cause you are making my blood pressure higher everytime I play against you.

    Now don't get me wrong, i have nothing against you personally but as a player on the server I think youre 100 cheater.


  • Quote from mas0h

    Now don't get me wrong, i have nothing against you personally but as a player on the server I think youre 100 cheater.

    These are the kind of players who are reporting you.

    Players who have no concept of the game or of what a hack actually does, who don't understand that it's impossible to implement an aimbot that affects projectile weapons like SMAWs, RPGs, Grenade Launchers etc. because these weapons have a significant travel time that needs to be accounted for, adding the opponents' movement which makes it very difficult to predict his position by the time the projectile actually hits.

    How many third party programs you reckon are capable of calculating this type of procedure? Fucking zero, that's how many.

    I sincerely hope that these are not the "pro players" that raziel was talking about, otherwise their opinion isn't worth fucking anything.

    Why is it so easy to ban someone based off of the gut feeling of incompetent players?

    When it comes to proving his innocence the guy has to go as far as recording himself physically playing the game and posting videos of his innocence.

    In spite of these efforts nothing has happened yet.

    Just unban him already, after that spectate Revan 24/7 if you want to.

    So far not a single person has been able to provide legitimate evidence that would point towards his guilt.

  • You talk too much willy without knowing about cheating software. You ask questions and answer it for yourself, if that's making you happy, it's ok. But let me ask you a simple question, are you a developer? did you try a cheating software b4?

    You are a wallhacker and I reported you for that. every time I hide with attack helo in the redzone without anyone spotting me you find me very easily and come for me.

    I now understand why you are defending your mate.

    As for Revan, he is suspected everywhere online on every fukin server, search online and you will be amused of the result.

    Oh, and BTW, I'm not a PRO or even close to that, so please stop referring to things of your imaginations.

  • You act like you know what you're talking about, but you don't know jack shit.

    Take 5 mins, use google and find out how and why cheats like aimbots function in the first place. Until then stop babbling your nonsense.

    When it comes down to it it's simple colour coding software. Someone would have to be an absolute dribbling retard to not understand these things...

    Quote from mas0h

    You are a wallhacker and I reported you for that

    Yes, you and many many others.

    I've been reported and spectated a dozen times by different people. Do you think that, if I was actually cheating, they wouldn't have banned me by now? How delusional are you?

    Other communities may do that, but PB didn't let themselves get affected by mass reports made by an array of bad players.

    It's the quality of the evidence provided that counts, not the quantity of people whining about someone.

    Before this I didn't know revan. I have never played with him, never added him, never chatted with him, nothing.

    When I see someone get banned unfairly in a community that I for a fact know can do better than this I will of course speak out against it. It's common decency.

  • So far not a single person has been able to provide legitimate evidence that would point towards his guilt.

    Exactly! One person has told that I am a cheater and all have at once begun to think so, without having shown me any proof! It always so happens, you trust the person, and he without the reasons does to me a unpleasantly.
    P.S. This guy plays 2200(!) hours, and thinks as the child:

  • Third video: game from 3rd person, since turning on of the PC. Task manager + Steelseries Engine.
    36 killstreak in infantry. Score: 47-3.

    There will be one more video from 3rd person soon. I hope it will be enough for a unban.