Questions/feedback about PB2 TDM server

  • Hi guys!

    I have a few questions and some feedback for the admins about the PB2 TDM server:

    1. If I report a suspect player, how he can be verified? You will get, for example, a report that says player X have been reported be me? I think I reported like 3 cheaters in the last days and I don't know if they are banned now. Aswell, I would say if I send you a report, that player is like 99,9%... most likely cheating. If not, the most likely way is to record them? For example, today I reported in-game a cheater two times. He had like level 18 and a score like 80-10. Hard to do that...

    2. I see in the last days that many players are complaining about everything... the game, the server, the camping, flir, other players... immature thinking/kids that are playing a game that, in my opinion, has the best TDM mode ever. The problem is they are swearing/using bad language every time. I have a total respect for your effort putting on the server, the money, everything, but I cannot say to them nothing, sometimes I report some of them, sometimes I don't take them into account, but I think there can be made something about it. It's not that cool too see immature kids using bad language like everytime.

    3. The balance in the teams still has some problems. It's like sometimes it's balancing, sometimes not.

    4. The afk players still doesn't get automatic kick and you can be in a situation to play like, for example, 20 vs. 30, the others 10 in the first team beeing away.

    5. Somehow it is possible you can manage to bring some hours per day an admin to check if everything is ok with the server? I mean, I would love to help more with the server when I'm online/when I can, to become a litle admin, but I think this can't happen.

    6. Can you add the Everglades map in the cycle? I play Hardline only on the PB2 server and it will be nice to see it, sometimes it's feel kind of boring that you know everything about the maps. I think it will be ok. Not to mention the Night Job map that I think it's really really cool, but you can say here that it can be flir/irnv thing only and I can understand it.

    I think that's all... the high ping players are getting automatic kick, that's good. I don't think I've miss something.


  • Hey,
    thank you for your feedback.
    We have actually not enough admins.
    I check the reports. But i can only ban players fast, if i get enough reports von different players.
    The Problem is, that i get mor than 70 reports every day.
    This is to much for me.
    Over the day i check all the servers for KD etc.
    If you have any Problems with players, create a topic.
    If players are flaming etc, we will ban them!
    We can check the catlog:

  • Thx for the response guys!

    I will do my best then me too. I will try to record the cheaters when I have the chance, aswell I will send reports when some players use bad language continuously.

    I hope the balance and the afk problems will get resolved too.

    Now I realized that Bank Job map it's missing too from the rotation. It will be nice to see Everglades or Bank Job, or both, to dynamize the game.

    And the last thing I wanted to ask you Antitoxis, can you add me to friends on Origin?