Feedback about PB2

  • Hei guys,

    I have some feedback again. You guys have the best servers and I hope that I don't annoy anyone with my feedbacks, I only wish the best for your servers.

    1. Votemap is showing on the name of the server.I think Antitoxis said to me last time that there is a votemap system, but I never saw it on the PB2 and I think it doesn't work. Yesterday I played on the PB4 Best DLC server and indeed I saw the votemap system there. I don't think the votemap system it's a good thing, cause the maps can repeat quickly and it's nice to have more diversity.

    2. A votekick system at least it will be a good thing to be implemented. For example, a cheater can enter the server and can ruin our experience in that moment, and the people can leave cause of that.

    3. The server is showing at this moment less than 30 players connected, with only the Downtown map included in the rotation three times. The normal map rotation is missing. Can you make to show all the maps, or only the smaller maps like The Block, Everglades and Growhouse when there are less then 30 players?

    4. Riptide map is missing on the normal map rotation. Can you add it without deleting the others?