Posting here - READ THIS!

  • You see cheaters, hackers, violators of rules, please report here like this:

    please post ONLY if you have 100% evidence !!!

    You want to report a Highroof-Glitcher? Go here: GLITCHER & HIGHROOF BANS (Collection)

    1) Topic: "Playername + Reason

    2) link to battlelog with id: e.g. http://battlelog.battlefield.c…GON56/stats/352400462/pc/
    3) describe what you he has done / you suspect him off - pls write more then a sentence
    4) video-proof:
    - record uncut videos only!
    - video should give us an impression of the player (noob, skilled, camper ..?), so 2-3 minutes is minimum!
    - comment your videos (e.g. 02:52 3 headshots with 1 burst)
    5) battle report of the round
    6) or at least Servername & time

    If you don't write in this form, your topic will deleted directly!

    thanks for your help!