BeastRazor using aimbot on #PB5

  • I joined the spectator mode due to another player named "eSox666" cause his gameplay was strange. But after I joined the spectator mode, he left the server. Maybe just coincidence, maybe knowingly, I don't know but anyways.

    Another player named "BeastRazor" was really high with a low rank and not much experience in BF at all as you can see in his Battlelog-Profile.

    So i started to watch his gameplay and saw his crosshair snapping 2 times. Since the round was close to the end, i didn't get that much proof but if its necessary, I will hang on him until i have enaugh proof.

    >>>So I need experienced players with practiced eyes to watch this video!<<<

    Battlereport of the round can be seen here.

    Here is a short video.

    Crosshair snapping: 04:39, 05:00 and especially that one at 05:24

    I also searched for his histroy in BFH and found the following table, which could complete my short video. There you can see his K/D progress in the last rounds. I'm not 100% sure but this could be a sign for his recent software usage.