3 Suggestions. PB 4 ,5 and VIP

  • Hi all.

    I have a few suggestions.

    I think PB5 should maybe have 1 map a day. Monday riptide, Tuesday Downtown etc would be more interesting then only dust bowl, because no other server does that.

    About PB4 the voting only concerns conquest and 1 Bounty hunter map, i would suggest 3 maps for the 3 dlc modes, lets say;

    1 Bounty hunter black friday 2 Bounty hunter the beat 3 Bounty hunter the docks

    4 capture the bag double cross 5 capture the bag pacific highway 6 capture the bag train dodge

    7 squad heist chinatown 8 squad heist alcatraz 9 squad heist cemetery

    For voting options.

    Along those lines.

    Last suggestion is another VIP scale where u pay more, but your votes count more. Lets say 2 as basic, 3 as premium and 4 as ultimate. That way as ultimate even if ur the only one voting it changes to that map, since the threshold is estabilshed.

    Thanks for reading ;p