appeal for unban / kicks

  • hi

    I have kicked by admin .I don't know why . I joined the server and I went to drink milk shake thought that after loading I ll play game ..when I come back to play I see that error:

    Game disconnected: you were kicked by an admin. Stated reason: Aimbot Hack VideoProofed [perm][blgDukEslx][Appeal at

    --> stated that I was hacking I didn,t even spawn ... and as stated that video proof .. I ll give you $1000000 if u proof that I was hacking ..I challenge you if you proof my hacking 0.01% please unban me r un kick me from that server of hotwire http://battlelog.battlefield.c…twire-Votemap-pb-clan-de/

    ..that's my ID :

    I ll be thankful to you ... #muchlove :)

  • Hey,

    does this profile look familiar to you?


    No? Well let me help you then: It's your previous account that got banned for aimbotting ~6 months ago.

    If you aren't cheating why didn't you appeal with that account instead of trying to bullshit us, pretending not to know why you're barred from playing on our servers in the first place?

    You're lucky that it was BD6 who banned you as he has the last say in this. If it was up to me you'd get denied instantly for trying to pull this crap on us.

  • you r claiming that this is my account how ???? i don't even know him r her.. so please don't be like smart ok ..who made you a moderator ?? you don,t even know to talk .. i appeal for my account not some one else ... and u ban me for no reason ... i didn,t even spawn .. i can show you my whole playing history of this account ... punkbuster can caught the hacker r cheater .. you admin,s don,t have right to ban anyone r kick him .. if you didn,t unban r unkick me from this server . i ll complain to EA r who ever is the head . if u don,t want to un ban me its ok .. i wil never play in PB-clan server ... thanks ..that's my account i m the responsiba for this not other... so annoying ....

  • so , he don,t have right to blaim me that this is ghost girly is your account .. . the point is that who ever kicked me for no reason .. i have only 12 rank with 100 kills total .. and saying cheater .. and banned with a video proof .. where is video show me ?? don,t fool people ...