AP (Air Peace)

  • Air peace as in limited use of aerial vehicles?

    (My own opinion, not based on rules or policies for as far as aware...would like to get the opinion and judgment of others on it never the less)

    In the end I think the main game and way-to-go @ PB is FairPlay & Fun4All.

    So in the end the servers gain by anyone sticking to that.

    So to say no chopper on low player count? (Yeah!, kínda)

    If a team is getting hammered and aerial is used only for and until balancing restoration of a server is done, for whatever reason the unbalance existed.

    Sure, use it until balance is néarly fully restored... (make sure to let them keep a //small// % of advantage....they DID work for it, fairly earned or not)

    Just make sure that BEFORE you gain advantage you get rid of the chopper and state clearly why. (@ néarly all cost avoid team killing)

    This way folks are (made) or-become aware of the fact the chopper was used to (re-)gain balance of tickets/round-progress between each team.

    And obviously ONLY use aerial vehicles whenever there is a large unbalancing difference when player count total is low.

    Once many of the other things are sorted, maybe we could introduce a balancing monitoring script.

    One that looks at many factors regarding balance...

    Things like, player count per team, nr of Idlers per team (never spawned for more then 5 mins disregarded round time), Ticket difference offset for a minimal number of minutes (team-balancer/player-move should take care of that) and skill-set total per team.....

    In the end resulting in the servers working more autonomously and with less actions by admin needed.

    Good start would be; Idlers per-team script that checks if there are players that did not spawn in for last 5+ minutes which is what Idlers end up as.

    Could be relatively cheap on resources.

    Beginning of round...1 to 1 minute 30 delay, Anyone with score over 1000 can be ignored (potentially 3-500 points can be the mark...keep non-spawn and spawn-screen earning of scores in mind)

    This since it only has to check up to 64-128 players per minute. (based on 10-20% of total 640 slots of in-game actively playing maximum)

    I was also thinking....a main script looking for several things being balanced could prevent a whole stack of scripts being active throughout thus potentially reducing load on hardware and resources.

    And in the end that main script monitoring all balance triggering other scripts that take action upon whatever instructions that script has inside itself.

    Result; Activity where needed, other stuff idle until activated by mains, thus potentially taking off a load %.

    Hoping the Idles and other stuff will soon be sorted where it not already has, Greetings and thanks for the good work folks!, Jimmy D

    Keep it up ;-D