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    Hi there.

    I'm not usually one to call "cheater" on good players, but today playing on #PB4 I noticed a player called ToRTuRe_TR killing me a lot, but it was strange how easily he was killing me. He would always "insta-kill" me even if I was at 100%, and his kills would mainly be arm or leg shots, using the SG510. After a while I had a suspicion he was cheating, so instead of calling him out during the match I went on spectator and watched him. He had some kind of lag/aimbot and/or damage multiplier as all the kills I saw him do were mainly torso, arm or leg, but still killed people.

    After witnessing a couple of his kills I recorded it. I have footage recorded which shows

    1. Hit markers appearing before shots even being fired

    2. Hit markers appearing before ADS is even pointing at player

    3. "Insta-kills" when not even aiming at players

    Near the end of the match in chat I put !report ToRTuRe_TR cheating in chat, and after the match finished he left along with his squadmate, who was also likely to be using the same cheats.

    I have uploaded the footage to youtube as the filesize is too big to upload here

    As I mentioned, I'd never outright call someone a cheater just because they're doing well, but this guy was clearly cheating