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    2:20 is just lifts, i picked a side and he happened to be there 50/50 chance.

    2:50 i aimed at the bike the laggy video makes it look like i keep locking even though in reality i just traced the bike, and the bike icon stays through walls for a few seconds anyway.

    3:15 wasnt a snap onto that vehicle i aimed in cos i thought i saw someone

    and as for the locker game there were people that did way better and way worse than me so idk why you are even commenting on it, someone on the other team got 150 kills.

    at 2.59 i was shooting at the gun flare and then realised that wasnt him and flicked to where i saw him, it was kind of tunnel vision when i realised i wasnt hitting anything i looked around my screen to find where the shots where coming from. 6.20 is lag in the video, i dont remember doing that flick. also why would i only use aimbot for 2 people? i have a lot of experience on fps games, and movements like flicks have become instinct. i dont have any counter evidence other than i just have decent aim. i also just bought the game a few days ago after playing it on xbox 1 a few years ago i wanted to play it again, it isnt a second account or anything and you guys are the only people who have populated servers so i would rather not have a ban. you have to admit the video isnt the smoothest and 6.20 is just lag.

    Name - FigFogBingBong

    Ban Reason - Aimbot

    What do you think came to the ban - Having some decent aim and someone getting salty i killed them a lot

    Why should you unban me - because i wasnt aimbotting and you are the only ones with populated hardline servers i can access

    I wasnt aimbotting, i was banned by fa-str01, i want to see the video proof