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    I watched the video again and saw the transition between previous player strange, in other videos the transition is immediate.

    In the frames you can see one frame with skyline and other with the radar of another player mixed.

    I do not know if this transition cause the bug

    frame to frame transition link:!yyhFkAAS!85U…5WI-7JY6YOUTG-hwvosj5F-SM

    Cacho si puedes prueba de estar asomado en el mostrador con la mira, para cuando te mire el espectador ya estes tu asomado con la mira y el espectador ke venga de plano jugador o camaras fijas.

    PS: An expert cheat in concealing does not make the mistake of looking at the wall for 14 seconds and being covered does not have the need

    Dude, you need some thicker skin.

    We're talking about Ego-Shooters / Games for adults. If you can't handle a single emblem you may be wrong ...

    This is no place for SJWs...

    I will follow your advice and I will go meditate to the tibet

    For some reason, I do not have access to the chatlogs of Rage_Da_K1nguin, but I have check some of your logs. Your really dare to complain about a emblem with "You Suck" with your chatlogs???

    I have to add a clarification, at that time I did not know the correct translation of "you suck" similar to "you noob".

    I thought it was "chupapollas" "chupame ..."/ sucks dicks, suck me ...

    If they have so much ego, they would have to put "I pro" "i the best". Who comes to say the same thing without disqualifying anyone.

    He did not write anything in the chat (it is more comfortable to always show a bitmap).

    Is what he said above 1st post, that for me is the same a text in the chat or bitmap.

    What I did is write in chat "u suck" every time he showed his emblem, and Rage kills a lot, that's why so many.

    I did it to show how annoying it is to have to read your emblem.

    Many cheaters use VPN to hide their home IP address. If you do not cheat, there is no reason for you to use VPN. If you had played on your home internet connection, you would have been able to still play the game. The only games you can play now is BF4, BF1, or BFV.

    Years ago i try trial version WTFast vpn i bf4, becouse my ISP change to horrible peering.

    before change:


    after change:

    barcelona/valencia/madrid/london/Holland/germany (retard route)

    Why can not VPN be used? people who do not live in Germany can be able to improve your connection.

    I find it absurd ban ip public address, it can not be affirmed if it is the same person.

    It should only ban guid

    Any key can be used, i play with arrow keys.

    Try to configure from gun bench or single player.

    Manual edit file:

    Add this to "PROFSAVE_profile"

    PlugUrMousePlz i remember u have 370 ms this i bad 4 other player.

    If i have 50ms ping system compensation add me 300ms virtual delay.

    Why u not play in USA severs?

    PB1 21/2/2019

    On the Everglades map it is very common for players to make base rape having their bases conquered or not.

    With this post I want to report to dese_note. If rape base is can report in PB servers.

    I've always seen dese_note make rape base with heli.

    On the downtown map at dawn with about 6 players, is stationed with the heli in the enemy base killing when the players respawn and attacking the enemy heli when they take it.

    I always ask you to stop, but just stop a few minutes.

    I posted late to see if I could record more videos, but I have not coincided with him

    match video:!7zZUESAB!1-p…sqbvUMU6GOzR4EI_C3tY15h3A

    match battlelog:


    Match that same night with 3 vs 3 all time base rape:


    chat log 21 February:

    Where I tell him to stop and he says ok, but keep doing it


    21 February

    PS: if I lost time with this is because this guy has nothing of fairplay or empathy.

    I do not want to say how you have to do your job.

    But it seems excessive to ban someone just for a public IP address.

    the ips are dynamic and could affect any player.

    it seems to me that they have not understood me

    I do not say it's better than video, It is complementary and a first step, before having to look at spec.

    I repeat, the administrators do not have to look at all the screenshots.

    The client that executes the command !pbss nameplayer will be the one that looks at your public server http.

    if in the image there is a hack, it is reported to the forum and without seeing anything, it is not reported.

    the bf4 servers that I saw with this client command the http was this "/svss/pbsvss.htm"

    Some i found in Google:…php?pageid=aapbss#Finding PBSS via Internet Browser…php?p=655417&postcount=43…_nitradonet_game_servers/

    Many times early morning game, when there are some low rank (0-60) are suspicious.

    I understand that this command is not added because it requires time to configure the server, but not because it is not necessary.

    I think it could be a more protective layer. I do not bother you anymore with this topic

    A person like Antitoxis would have to review each screenshot before he can submit them for PBSS ban. It's very time consuming to look at hundreds or thousands of screenshots.

    Admin only has to see positive SS in report hack thread, the same as the videos reports.

    I do not know the name off pluging, but all proces is automatic.

    When player type pbss nameplayer the server capture three SS.

    Then upload to a server and add an entry with the player's name day and time in http:// list of SS