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    We have nothing against Chinese or other nationalities.

    Our problem is just the PING.

    You have to know that not all players are Europeans. If you don't use an accelerator, we still can't play the game. But you banned us, we still can't play the game. We have been playing on the PB server for almost a year. Apart from banned us, is there no way to be humanized?

    China has a tight control of their internet. You want to play certain games? Well too bad unless you use a VPN/Proxy to hide what you're doing on the internet. The biggest issue with a VPN/Proxy is that a lot of cheaters use this to hide their real IP address. It's hard to tell who is clean and who is a cheater if multiple people are using the same IP address.

    There's really no solution for China players other than play a different game or move out of the country. I think the reason he calls a VPN a "Game Accelerator" is the internet cafe owner doesn't go to jail for providing VPN/Proxy at his internet cafe. An internet cafe is where people buy membership to use a PC for a certain amount of time. It could have 10 PC's or 100's of them. Being a Chinese citizen and getting caught using VPN/Proxy can get you arrested and thrown in jail. This will never happen if you're in a country that is outside of China.

    These news are you from the Western media? I am very responsible to tell you that in China, no one will be arrested for using VPN. I have been using VPNs for more than 7 years. Now, I am replying to your message with Google Pixel 2 XL. I have my Google account, facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. Western media has distorted China too much. I suggest that you as a "developed" European can come to China to look at it, look at the world and don't live in the impression that you think you are.

    it is so funny to see you guys giving serious advice to move out of your country to play games lol. Flanker36 might be pissed by seeing these advice and may rage quit the complete pc gaming.

    Hi manu.That wouldn't be the case. If the administrator of this server has a nationality bias and ban us, then we can go to TEAMSU to play.

    You can try to emigrate to Europe. In Poland you can get an inexpensive education. And with Polish education you can work and live throughout Europe

    Hahaha, are you satirizing Poland? Are you sure that the Polish economy is stronger than China? Moreover, compulsory education in China is basically free.

    You're stuck in a bad situation because your country China has restrictive internet. If you want to play games without any restrictions, move to Europe, Canada, USA, and etc.

    I really laughed when I saw you serious. We can play any game in China, just because of some prejudice by the administrator, we can't play on the PB server. If you change to be you, would you choose to immigrate abroad? Is the foreign moon more round than China? Pride and Prejudice.

    I fully understand what you mean. But the problem now is that I don't know what the specific technical details of the accelerator we are using, but we don't have the intention to use proxy IP. In the love of BFH and PB clothing, we are not far from playing. If you are so rashly banned for this reason, it is very irresponsible.

    Hi admins

    My and My friend's ID is :Flanker36 and D_Huanggua.

    We are banned with proxy ip

    But it is not a proxy IP, but a game accelerator

    Because of China’s Internet export restrictions, if we don’t use a game accelerator, we can’t play BFH.

    Unban us PLZ,thx