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    Hotwire is a stat padding/boosting game mode that cannot be fixed now unless the server plugin bans all explosive and helicopters. Some people have friends drive a car full of people to another friend with C4 or RPG/SMAW and trade kills.

    I actually haven't noticed the latter scenario happening. But in general yes, certain contingent of players use the mode for boosting/padding their stats and their effect is great enough to kill the server.

    Broken autobalancer does not help either - "broken" meaning - you CAN join to stronger team, even if it has 20 players and weaker has 5. You cannot join into weaker. Autobalancer stats crying about bad balance. That's a definition of "broken":

    They do not give reason why/what caused detection due to it being general policy. If one gets an answer and other doesn't, it does create a feeling of injustice. If they revealed each and every reason of detections, it would make evading Punkbuster much easier for real cheaters.

    What I've figured out: be effin' careful with "trainers" (a la "add 100k cash to my Red Alert 2 single player round", "remove fog of war from my Sudden Strike 2 campaign").. Stuff like this. Lots of it is based on or generated using CheatEngine and apparently Punkbuster can recognize such executables and treats these as cheats. Which may end up with you banned from your random Punkbuster-protected game.

    Tsunami, it was temp-ban, for two weeks, not permanent one.

    br0nse is also one of the select few who did donate his own money to keep the PB servers up, back in April. Servers you can all still play in.

    Donations and straight monetary support should not make players exempt from following the rules, yes I agree. But jumping on them for whatever reason of your dislike AFTER they have had their punishment is also complete injustice.

    1. Why was his weapon a baseball bat? Did he have a damagehack and this is to avoid automaticban by damage per hit?

    2-. I dont play hardline. Is there some kind of damage penalty for wallbanging? Did he use a damagehack or were those shots possible and the complete map is made out of cardboard?

    Some old BF2 hacks "killed" with a ammo pack. It's probably to avoid anyone (and automated cheat/stats analysers) looking too closely at his stats. "So he has 100% hit rate with a baseball bat?"

    Probably damage hack on top of it all.

    PB servers are all 30Hz while LF's are 60Hz. I don't know about you but I can feel the difference starkly while playing.

    Would it be possible to up the "hertz" of at least PB#2? Because frankly, this server is all about killing and at the moment, players employing slower-cycling weapons are at disadvantage.

    This is not a software conflict because only a small percentage of BFH players got a PB BAN. If hundreds got banned every 2 hours, I would believe it. In my eyes, you guys are cheaters. You tried hacks even if the hack did not work or it your anti-virus blocked it, PunkBuster still detected it and flagged your account. A lot of hacks have malware to steal your account and password. The people who coded the hack could have logged into your account without you knowing about it.

    This is pretty much the end of all Battlefield and Call of Duty games with PunkBuster and dedicated servers (COD 2, COD WAW, & COD4). I suggest you guys to go play a game on Steam and buy BF1 or BF5. You should format your PC to remove any traces of hacks you guys tried. Never ever go to a hack site again.

    It could also be malicious Javascript loaded into browser on a hack site, which in turn pulled in something from Internet that Punkbuster did not like. Or a hash collision between a files of a known hack and some obscure file. Or a cheatengine for some singleplayer RTS game. Rare file hash collisions are possibility (especially with older algorithms like "md5" or "rc4") and are always a head ache when they happen.

    Calling affected players straight cheaters is pretty blatant personal insult. Consider false detection from the past, where affected players ran for example management software that came with the popular gaming peripheral. Innocent but other players in general virtually crucified them - would YOU appreciate this done to you?

    Cheaters also do not complain in open forums. They'd go straight to their "service provider" web site and complain like hell there. They might protest manual ban by server admin claiming to be innocent but most are knowledgable enough to differentiate between global permanent GUID ban and private server ban - they wouldnt bother crying to private server admin.

    Evenbalance responded me that they find #52120 is not a false-positive and are not going to be removing it.

    So, instead of waiting for "any new(?) in this ban"

    1) If you are banned, buy a new game.

    2) Get crackin' at solving the puzzle - "what precisely triggered the ban". Unless you present Evenbalance clear proof about false detection, there is no way they ever lift the ban.

    At least 3 banned players were running Windows 7. That's one common denominator I've noticed.

    Most "weird" issues are caused by faulty PSU. Especially "rebooting issues".

    IF you have another PSU around, test your PC with it, see if it fixes the reboots. Ask some friend for a loaner perhaps. Not even supposedly high quality PSUs are not excluded from failures.

    Quality you can evaluate by checking reviews or just weighting your PSU. Heavier means better quality - more circuitry, filters, heat sinks.

    I wrote email to EvenBalance giving them a heads-up and suggesting they have false-detection.

    Response I got is following:


    Hello Ahto,

    This is not a false positive. We do not find this violation to be triggered in error and it will not be removed.[Blocked Image:]

    So, guys who got banned, you are out of luck.

    AFAIK Punkbuster is "immediate"-kind of anticheat. It finds something, bang, you are out of server. Nothing I found from Internet claimed otherwise.

    VAC bans could take from 1 day to few weeks since the moment of detection and it's intentional design by Valve.

    I tried any which way to get my spare BF3 account banned playing around with overlay software (afterburner). No such "unluck".

    Could be windows, could be graphics driver, could be some peripheral driver.. all it takes is a hash collision (between some file in your PC and hash of an already known hack)