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    hey guys i didnt come online on BFH cus everytime i play i get randomly kicked by punkbusters not sure why but it makes me so mate and cant do enything about it i already uninstalt my punkbusters and reinstald it i checked my pc for mabye a poseble virus or somthing that is a problem to my game but got notting i even reinstaled the game but stil it keeps kicking me out sorry for that cant realy fix what i dont know what is wrong with it i hope it gets fixed soon cus i love the game but its just unplayeble like that

    yo guys can we pls do somthing on this FalkGuy he is a pain in the ass everytime i see him he is greafing the team from points with his cancer destroying of ammo crades and blocking the team so they get killed i already askt him to stop like 100 times he just keeps being a retarted bot he is not even good he is just there to be a pain in the but can we warn him and if he does not stop pls ban him for a short time he is just cancer in the team totaly no team play from him thnx guys


    My name is bjorn I am from belgium im a active gamer i love to play BFH and all other FPS games not good at it but stil love it im 31 year's old and got some experience as a admin like arma 3 and a TS admin loved it helping ppl and keeping hackers out but im not the best but im always ready to learn to become beter and have fun