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    I can always reinstall the game from my external drive and play it without any issues. All the admins here are probably enjoying every moment when someone comes into this thread to post they got a PB ban in this thread. They know PunkBuster is still working and doing its job.

    You are in the same boat as Rokebo with the denial. You will never accept the fact you got caught for using cheats. You can put blame on EA, MSI Afterburner, PunkBuster/EvenBalance, or whatever software, you are still PB banned. If you were 100% innocent, you would not be posting in this thread about a PB ban you got or trying to put blame on someone else. There are only two people who are still complaining about their PB ban. The other people who posted about their PB ban have already disappeared. Amen to them. You guys are branded as cheaters, so you can keep trying to convince everyone around you that you are 100% innocent or you can disappear and be forgotten.

    WTF camptokill , please, shutup, i didnt use cheats to play this game.
    Im a driver , i dont need cheats to drive, most of the times im nr1 in hotwire.
    And yes 5000+ hours in bf series , thats a lot of more game experience you got boy.
    I also think why i got banned, (g15/g19) software like the hoax.exe, bigduke666 made in the past)
    So please camptokill get some real experience about software/cheats/bans or whatever is needed to upgrade your tiny brain.
    And people did get banned for pc FAN software , teamspeak overlays exct ect ect in the past (an overlay that could be seen as cheat) by evenbalance.

    Why do you think this thread was created ? If it was really simple case of cheaters caught admins would never be bothered. It was done when 100's of people got banned in May/June because of some software related f... up well so we thought at the time. However I'm more and more convinced that all these banns are commercially related - they can't get any more money from people playing BF3/4 or BFH . So at least they get people to buy same title again. I'm sure EA would love shut all none BF1/5 servers but that will never happen at least not for now.

    Think whatever you like but played with or against Rokebo for many hours and hes always been legit.

    Maybe EA should pay more attention to rampant hacking/ cheating on all their BF1 and BF5 servers instead

    yes i can believe that, it will cost a lot of money to keep those hardware servers online, with this small ammount of players.
    but ban people for an aimbot violation ? nah , they better pull out the plug and stop this amateur software shit.
    stop evenbalance with this kind of shit, its time for some other anti cheat software, believe me there is a lot of money to get if ya develope some real good anti cheat.
    And if this is (other) software related wtf, then evenbalance is realy SHIT, and yes they are.
    I hope some will develope new anti cheat sofware so evenbalance can be DUMPED.


    this is for BIgdukesix, admin from this site, i think why i got probarly banned !
    i got the Logitch g19s keyboard, and i did indeed use fallnet and some other apps to brighten up my keyboard.
    Like the disco applet to let the board flash on music and more for this keyboard.
    Now i wonder if i used your applet and caused this ban !
    I use this software every christmas and new year to lighten up my mouse logitech g9 , keyboard logitech g19s (and headset logitech g35).
    I have this software stored/saved at my external drive so i dont need to download it everytime (so probarly not update also).
    Can you help me with more information about this Bigdukesix ?
    I think i did use your applet also, what can i do , please help me , any info would be nice !

    Message from bigdukesix is from (see date below) , i will get the url/link also !!!!!!

    (this will explain a lot bf4 ban and bfh ban !

    The hoaah.exe is an process i have seen in task manager running, but cant remember the exact date !
    What is the name of the applet you made, im very sure i used it (got also the logitech g15 keyboard).
    Unfortunally i did reinstall windows last year , now im busy to recover deleted files, to find this file (applet) !

    Do you mean super jumps with dirt bike, give some more details dude.
    I and more of us do not know what you mean with super jump.

    If ya talk with dirtbike in DERAILED , yeah its possible to jump with bike on the rail.
    if ya talk about EVERGLADES , yeah its possible to make jumps (with dirtbike) from 10+ and many more meters.
    ect ect ect !!!!

    But give some more details dude, what super jump , what map , server ? DETAILS please.
    (dont forget with dirtbike you can drive against walls and make jumps also !!!)

    Oh and of course , if a friendly sets c4 on your bike , yeah , then you can jump 100 meters , outside the map and ya die !!! <<--- do you mean those superjumps ????

    He is 100% correct. There are a few areas in BFH where you used to be able to exploit right in the beginning of official launch of the game. They patched these areas by using FairFight.

    ???? People dont forget pArAdiGm ShIfT is an bfh xbox player, and those platforms (pc / xbox with bfh) arent cross play !!!!

    Did play around 5000h battlefield , i have seen a lot of bugs and exploits and things other people (as example pArAdiGm ShIfT , not even 70h playtime at all BF) never have seen.
    So i do not know what he means with super jumps and his so called cheats.

    And camptokill there are false postive bans, also a lot of people are unbanned for this false positive stuff. So i hope EB does check my data and do their math again and they will find out that i didnt cheat / exploit or what ever.

    Super jump ? what ??? what has that to do with other games ? and what you mean super jump? with dirtbike ??
    More details please !!!

    And in BFH its all super jumps , if ya hit a bump you could jump indeed for serveral meters !!!

    + the hours i have in BFH is almost HOTWIRE only, and i dont think they ban me cause you did send a message about this super jump , hahahaha !!!
    I have been below ground lvl in bfh also , bugs bugs bugs , no cheat , just happend !

    PS in the other BF series it was easy score with more people, help each other ! i played about 5000H in the BF serie , so please be sure what you say, there is no proof i did cheat, no movie , nothing.
    Suspected cheater <--- no proof !

    (boosting, no real cheat ,in bf4 bf3, i know it wasnt ok, but no real cheats , no multihacks,no scripts blablabla

    Already did buy a new BFH ( standard edition) so i can keep playing and wait for EB reply !

    Oh and your are XBOX player ! im a PC player ! BFH cross play/platform ???!!! hahhaha

    I have work in the morning so will make this short.

    A few weeks ago you were in my squad, i watched your gameplay on the mini viewer for squad members and noticed you performing a 'super jump' to reach an area on the map that can only be accessed by that method. Frustratingly i was not recording the gameplay however did report you via Origin/Battlelog. So you are a cheat and probably best you move on from this episode. As you have more free time on your hands due to the ban you may want to look at your 247fairplay record also. They flagged you up for cheating on other BF games. You know the proverb about a leopard never changing his spots? hmmmm

    WOW, already got an answer from EB, needed to send log file (note).
    Now wait for their reply

    ll hope they check the stats to in game , so they can see there is no cheats involved !
    I like to drive in the game, so no much kills at all!

    Stats from bfh are shared and visible for friends (i believe for everyone), tell me what you see guys !!
    Do you people see any AB in those logs ???

    Unbelievable, didnt change anything to my pc/software, didnt cheat at all.
    Day before i had a great flight in chopper (as guner) with GHT Freddle and did score 46 - 0.
    Is this score the reason for this ban ???

    [12.03.2018 22:05:08] Service Communication Failure: PnkBstrB.exe no heartbeats

    [12.26.2018 00:49:26] Violation (AIMBOT) #52120

    [12.26.2018 00:53:10] Violation (AIMBOT) #52120

    [12.26.2018 00:56:19] Violation (AIMBOT) #52120

    [12.26.2018 00:59:40] Violation (AIMBOT) #52120

    [12.26.2018 01:03:35] Violation (AIMBOT) #52120

    [12.26.2018 01:04:36] Prior Kick/Ban

    [12.26.2018 01:10:46] RESTRICTION: Service Communication Failure: PnkBstrA.exe

    [12.26.2018 01:26:31] Violation (AIMBOT) #52120

    [12.26.2018 01:31:40] Violation (AIMBOT) #52120

    [12.26.2018 01:37:10] Violation (AIMBOT) #52120

    [12.26.2018 11:56:02] Violation (AIMBOT) #52120

    [12.26.2018 12:10:10] Violation (AIMBOT) #52120

    [12.27.2018 00:38:49] Violation (AIMBOT) #52120

    [12.27.2018 00:46:25] Violation (AIMBOT) #52120

    [12.27.2018 15:14:15] Violation (AIMBOT) #52120

    [12.27.2018 15:36:25] Violation (AIMBOT) #52120

    [12.28.2018 07:17:28] Violation (AIMBOT) #52120

    [12.29.2018 13:14:32] Violation (AIMBOT) #52120

    [01.03.2019 22:55:22] Violation (AIMBOT) #52120

    This is a fasle positive message , did contact PB support , but im afraid it will take weeks for an answer!?

    PS i made a new ORIGIN account and did buy BFH standard for EURO 5, didnt change anything , launched game and still playing ???

    They have serious trouble in their pb system i think

    Yesterday evening returning from a christmas dinner, started up tha game.

    Just a few seconds in game i got kicked by pb. cant read total message in this browser.
    But kicked (for ??????????????? , it will probarly be 1 minute ban or so. now i wonder what happend ?
    Anyone else get this issue, im sure it has to be a false positive and already did contact punkbuster support.

    (and reinstalled pb software blablabla)

    If they cant fix this im screwed (same story as in BF4)

    Sorry that i NEED to say something to this !!

    Time for adminstarting the servers ?? <<--- what do you mean, ? It does loook if ya need HOURS to administrate server ??

    In the years i hosted servers, never needed an excuse (time excuse , hobby , own life blablabla) for this.
    if there arent enough admins then get some more!
    And this server/clan should be happy that all those players help YOU guys to catch those cheaters, and indirect adminstrating your server(s).
    If those guys didnt help , your servers would be crowded of cheaters.

    No hard feeling , but guys hey , solve your adminstrating problem !

    Yeah , before he got his AB on, when i started to spec he turned AB off, could only rec. his WH !
    And some fishy moments?? hahahhaha OK hahahhaa