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    People are distracted by the incoming spring anyway, good weather almost everywhere. New games are coming so people are automatically looking for a change. This move by EA was a genius move to kill BFH. It will sound as a conspiracy theory but if you think thoroughly it will make sense. Errors happen every day, but this one was calculated.

    Once again, spread the word throughout your friendlist and tell people how to solve the issue.

    Try to reach every online player in your friendlists and tell them about this solution. This is the only way to repopulate the servers. There is a small group called "discussion group" on battlelog and an even smaller group on my clan discord server, where people are in touch with each other and problems can be solved real quick.

    [...] Scores of 100-3 , EA totally ignoring hacking etc[...]

    As I said many times the only thing EA cares about is how to sell their game. Once they sold, they don't give a flying F about the servers and the hackers. Unless EA decides to make a Battlefield Hardline 2 or a Battlefield Hardline-ish game, they won't get my money whatsoever. I hate AAA companies, Especially EA and Bethesda.

    I wouldn't call this "Pizzarmonster-like" player. Pizzamonster's frequency was like 20+ insults per minute, so no one comes even close to that level :D The time stamps aren't close to each other to see this as a spam.

    So lets say you click on the tab "Forward" where it is "W" by default and then it wants you to bind a new key. What happens after you press the up arrow key? Does it say something like "not valid" or "please try again" or how should I imagine the situation? Maybe you can provide some screen capture material so I (we) can see what is going on exactly.

    Richtig, bestrafung sollte definitiv sein. Mir geht es nur um die Dauer bzw. um einen endgültigen Bann. Anstelle eines Permabanns würde ich einfach die Dauer sukzessive erhöhen. Also sprich bei jedem Vergehen die Strafe um 1 Woche verlängern. Erst 2 Wochen, dann 3 Wochen, dann 4 Wochen, usw. Das tut auf lange Sicht mehr weh, ist also effektiver, die Spieler sind nicht für immer verbannt und zudem besteht die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass der eine oder andere irgendwann um Gnade bittet und man somit für die Server ein paar Groschen einnehmen kann :)

    So, I was in a similar situation than Swei_Boi, but I've already made a 10 euros (1 month VIP Premium) donation yesterday for my Origin ID, but I'm still getting kicked when I try to join the matches. So I was wondering if I'm missing a step and so on..

    You did everything right. The donation-ping immunity isn't automated. The admins have to do that manually. Since they are busy with real life stuff, it takes a few days. Just be patient. You aren't losing days btw. The VIP will count from the day the admins activate it. So you aren't a few days in already. Just in case if you were wondering :)

    There is another way to get around of ping kicks. If you donate a certain amount, you would become a VIP player. Which means you have some benefits such as reserved slot, no team switching by autobalancer and high ping kick immunity. Since you are enjoying playing on these servers you would also help to keep the servers running. Actually a win win situation. You can find some informations about VIP slots right here.

    Sometimes it is caused by the browser you are using to connect to battlelog. Sometimes origin is down. If origin works then try to switch the browser and try to log in from there.