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    I suspect that he has a light aimbot (as at 28:52). Or the cheat shows on the screen all the opponents that are out of its field of vision. Yes, I agree, the moment at 8:02, although very suspicious, but not one hundred percent. But what about the moment at 28:52? He aimed at the enemy, which poses a direct threat to him, and then abruptly transferred to the place where the enemy had just appeared, whom he did not see. Yes, we can assume that it seemed to him that there was a sniper aiming at it in place of this satellite phone. And it so happened that it was at that moment that the enemy appeared there. But the chance of such an event is about 0.1%. And yes, perhaps he is innocent. I think it’s worth interrogating him.

    I don't doubt he is cheating. As I mentioned in my first comment, I could explain two of the given timestamps but the rest is fishy. I think you got me wrong here.

    Reviewed several times 7:55, I can not see the enemy (Arco), running towards him from the left side

    I am talking about the enemy running right of him at 7:55 as Cachopelo said. What you are mentioning happens later around 8:02. How is his wallhack telling him there is an enemy BEHIND him? That was pure situational awareness. Not everything he does is wallhacking or fishy.

    ninjakiller71777 , I never said you hacker, only said that as we cant spectate at XTG server "MAYBE" you hacks there with magnun and thats the result of stats.

    Cacho you should be consistent in what you tell people. Here you clearly say you never said he is hacking and only talking in probabilities as you underline "MAYBE" and now you are caliming he is hacking. What gives?

    Ich würde sagen, du nimmst für den ersten Schritt Dust & Down komplett aus PB1 raus, da diese momentan auf PB4 angeboten werden und lässt das ganze mal für 2 Wochen so laufen. Du kannst ja die Statistiken intern einsehen nehme ich an. Je nachdem wie sich die Zahlen zeigen, kannst du im nächsten Schritt die von dir oben angebotene drastischere Veränderung einführen.

    I talked to Antitoxis regarding this vehicle stealing issue a few weeks ago. I think it is not a big deal if someone steals an abandoned enemy vehicle and kills a few people with it, especially when the tickets are balanced. But sometimes it turns into a baserape with all flags taken by one team and a ticket difference of more than 500 and both helis, both suvs etc. are used to rape the losing team even more. This is more of an issue.

    Also MadDog scheint ja ganz ok zu sein, zumindest von seinem Ton her. Schlimmer finde ich ein paar Spieler die beidseitig spielen. Schau mal die Screenshots an, die er da gepostet hat. Da wirst du ein paar bekannte Namen sehen :D

    He doesn't mean server idlers who are physically on the server but bots who show different player numbers to attract people while there is much less people playing actually. The picture he shared shows 59 of 63 slots filled by players while the playerlist has 10 players on each side, makes 20 in total. 59 and 20 are not the same amount obviously.

    Are we talking about the hipfire crosshair or the one on his scope? Because if you mean the scope, I recall I could downsize it to a barely visible small dot. If it is the hipfire crosshair then I have no idea.

    You know you can modify your crosshair within the gun bench feature, right? Maybe his modiefied reticle was just too small, a pixel wide for example. So to answer your question, yes it is possible.

    Antitoxis An dieser Stelle möchte ich empfehlen, ein Fahr/Flugzeug Verbot unter einer Mindestanzahl von Spielern einzuführen. Ich sehe immer wieder, dass abends einige Vehicle Tryharder sich da einnisten und achtlos alles ummähen. Das kann man vielleicht machen wenn man auf jeder Seite 15 Spieler oder so hat aber doch nicht bei 6 gegen 7 oder sowas. Das sollte meiner Meinung nach als offizielle Regel eingeführt werden, denn gesunder Menschenverstand und Fairplay hilft meistens bei diesen Spielern nicht weiter.

    Yo dawg, nice to see ppl from Oceania!

    Your ban was executed by a human admin, not any bot and it is not permanent as it's for 2 weeks. Wait for his response, maybe you can work this out somehow.

    Gl, hf!

    (Sieht meiner Meinung nach nicht nach Rassismus aus fa-str-01 )