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    Im glad this Topic is NOT closed, would make easier for me to prove that Situation has not improved, and despite Masirius_PhysiX´s defense and not his own, he persist in this behavior (report tool spam, harrasment , Insult). He gets aggresive when asked to stop politely


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    tsunami shut up

    7 de octubre de 2018 19:13


    #PB 5 | best Dust only | Vot...

    yard31 tsunami you admin?

    7 de octubre de 2018 19:13

    The report command doesn't work for regular players unless someone is VIP. So there is no abusing. It is just a word in chat.

    The Right way is to spectate, record a video and upload a proof here on Forums like Cachopelo and others do. With this PROOF admins can make the best decision.

    My Point from the begging is that, Maybe he feels better About himself by calling somebody that just killed him a cheater, but in reality he accomplish Nothing, except of couse : chat Flood, tool spam and getting People "jumpy"

    Meine Fresse bist du empfindlich. Selbst wenn er dauernd jeden cheater nennt, na und? Er ist einer der ältesten Spieler in BFH. Quasi Stammspieler. Er hat doppelt so viele Spielstunden wie du. Wenn er mich oder einen meiner Freunde als "hacker" beschuldigt und "!report xxx hack !yes" schreibt, dann lachen wir meistens oder reagieren überhaupt nicht darauf. Er ist einfach harmlos.

    Du bist viel zu empfindlich. Wenn du mal darauf achtest, bist du der einzige, der ihn hier meldet in all der Zeit. Blockiere ihn einfach über Origin und du siehst nichts mehr von ihm. Deine Meldungen über rassistische Äußerungen sind ja ok, aber sowas... einfach zu kindisch.

    Thank you for your input, sadly I cannot yet write you in German since my classes finally started this week. Here is what I have understood and why I think this thread is important.

    Eventhough he uses the command, most times is just Name calling after being killed (sounds more like a tantrum to me that a real base proof accusation, since we are Talking About childish behavior). Also being a Long time member doesnt excuse you from following the rules, or better yet from creating and promoting a stressfull enviroment. You see, it is a chain reaction, once he starts calling out the "ellegibly" cheaters others do it too, then everyone gets mad and starts insulting and ruins the fun.

    I have tried maturelly to address the issue to him and he has not either responded or shown any improvements, is not just me who bothers really, perhaps because I am more "sensible" like you said that I like to really enjoy meeting with my Friends and have a great time to escape the preasure from work. Instead of just Hearing someone ranting everytime it gets killed.. call me a dreamer then.

    To block him on Origin wouldnt make a difference inside game, and I will like to add that I have Nothing against him personally, when hes not spamming in chat is a decent Player (except for the previous time he got banned for high roofing).

    I am sorry for this Long post, and for the thought you think I come here to criticize when in fact is quite the opposite, im trying to create bonds among the last members of this very small comunity, in one of the best servers available, and also sadly one of the fews too.

    Salutes my friend, and my greatest respect to you for addressing this matter to me, wish it would have been privately so we could have talked more.

    Cheers and GG

    No matter what Team are you on you can read him complaining and constantly accusing Players of hacking, it is fcking exhausting!

    Told him in the past days to stop this attitude and that he was the Problem , because it was impossible everyone around him were cheating and only today he has accused 9 Player, 9!

    please theres Nothing worse than a guy tainting the Waters, Opening the door for others to do the same and the "accusations" start flying around, like we say in airsoft, it is worse the guy who keeps saying everyone cheats than the cheaters themselves


    P:D it is the real me

    He kept accusing a Player of cheating, I told her that the Right way was to spectate him, record a video and post it on the Forums, he replied

    forums lmao
    no1 gives a shit bout this dead game

    kept flooding, asked him to stop, and eventually he said "shut the fuck up u useless european" which can be considered racist and totally unapropiate since i never said any Insult or anything that was not true.

    We tried getting him out by Votekick that I started (doesnt really work) and 2 others tried VOteban and also didnt worked saying there was no vote in Progress

    Hes just taunting everyone on server and ruining fun on PB1 with toxic attitude and Insults, 2 weeks is not going to cut it


    Sadly I didnt make a screencapture because i was relying on chat logs as proof, but Cachopelo capture the instant on video while These two "individuals" for a lack of a better word that doesnt get me banned as well, were flooding chat, constantly insulting everyone, even saying "I hope your Family dies" "These servers will be emptied without us" and constantly and annoyinly insulting our Team with "fag" "gaylord" etc etc.

    Tried many times to persuade them to stop, ignored most of it but the "i hope your Family dies" cannot be taken a joke, this People have no Business here, this Events happened during a 2 Hours period and 3 Matches on PB1 server

    Hope you fix chat soon so you can see the "Kind" of Players they are, and waiting for Cachopelo to edit video and get the proof you Need to put them away for a Long time (hoping for permanent)


    As I have explained to various shocked users that these accounts in screenshot do NOT belong to me, they were a desperate attempt to impersonate and discredit me. The real reason still unknown but sounds like a childish desperate cry for Attention, in the meantime I will continue to Report Nazi and racist comments no matter People like Zimzanawana may say.

    In the meantime I would like to kindly ask Admins to delete These accounts to avoid confusions

    Thanks in advance

    If I were to remove one for sure ill go for PB5 and votes so far back it up, PB1 and Pb4 are both conquest like someone complained yes, but one is 150% tickets and is also a popular map (dust bowl not so much) while the other changes and ist a favorite around (Always full even at Mornings)

    But hey like you said is your admin as admins, we are just the Feedback, im just saying cost wisely it could help you in the future to get rid of one