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    [CELTS] servers are gone! Read…g_goodbye_to_hardline_pc/


    As of the first of July, the celts will no longer be hosting servers, Racists crash your servers everyday and openly tell you, you temp ban someone they crash your servers, they personally attack your private life, for this reason we can no longer go on. Thanks all for your support.

    The only active servers are [HAND] USA, usual boosting, and random servers that are for rent. [HAND] server is mainly for newbies and noobs with low Kill/Death ratio. They have a child admin who temp bans people for overpowering them. Since EA brought the entire battlefield line to Steam, no one is buying hardline and if they did, they're getting refunds. Time to officially delete my BFH backup folder to free up 50 GB off my SSD.

    Good game everyone!

    Good bye. :)

    This is not about you.

    This about asking for help. If they want the advice or something they never thought about, I will give it to them. It is up to Antitoxis and the 4 or 5 [LF] admins to have talk about the solutions that are given to them. They can pretend everything is all good and continue with their old ways. I could be wrong. I keep my offer open if you want to hear me out.

    I find it best when people ask for help, they will listen, but you cannot help someone if they do not want your help in the first place.

    Every weekend when I have time to play BFHL, I open up Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 instead of BFHL. I can pretty do the same things like trying to get all gold skins except I get rewarded for my high kill to death ratios with killstreaks: Chopper Gunner, AC130, VTOL, Precision Airstrike, Cluster Strike, UAV, Sentry Gun, Juggernaut with minigun, and Care Packages. That was the only reason why I kept playing BFHL was to get all gold skins. I still have a lot of guns left to get gold skins, but I feel it is too repetitive with my objective and with all the servers. There are some guns in BFHL that are similar to COD with additional attachment. You can make a MK110S with an M320 underbarrel (explosive, flash bang, shotgun, or recon dart) or 50 round magazine. I know some people are playing BFHL because of the IRNV and FLIR scopes. You can use IRNV and FLIR scopes in COD too.

    The only reason I could think you want to change the rules is because your servers have a big drop in player count. Maybe you were too strict before and end up losing players to the other server or people come to realize that BFHL is really dead.

    I can see there is some real server and community management issues between [PB] and [LF] that has been happening for a long time. I have been in many clans and game communities, and they all have the same issues just before they shutdown or split into their own ways. You have guys have also have a funding problem. This is the #1 killer of game communities. Pressuring people at the last moment to force people into donations is not always going to work. People will start getting suspicious about the decisions made behind closed doors.

    If you are interested in fixing your community, send me a Conversation (private) Message. If you think I am full of shit like before, you can keep your old ways and continue to have the same recurring problems when it comes time to pay for your server bills. The other server has the same issues that you guys have except there is an improvement in other areas where they do it better than this community does. I can give you advice, but I cannot make the changes for you. If you wait until the last moment, it will be too late.

    1. If you allow it, everyone will go up there like a "High Roof Glitch Party". This happened when the game first came out. Everyone will be just camping up there.

    2. The other server has an increased 25% damage multiplier from 100% to 125%. All the bolt-action sniper rifles (except M1908 and Scout Elite), A 8S, and Mammoth gun are one shot kill anywhere on the body at 75 meters or less. This will make it very easy to snipe out pro attack helicopters. It is always the same group of people that use these to be overpowered. I sniped a lot of these pilots out to the point they start raging and getting mad. Some of them will even ragequit and leave the server and let everyone be at peace. It makes it easier for a group of 3 snipers to start shooting at the helicopter to cause it to catch on fire then the heli has to fly away for repairs. Once the heli is on fire, it takes double damage from sniper rifles and you can blow the heli up with a few shots.

    Really guys? Letho called cacho noob twice, then he responded with fuck you and thats it? Your pushing a post with this bullshit? Im working as a teacher. My pupils have a average age of 11 and I would react to such "insults" in my classroom, but this is a 18+ ego-shooter-game and you really expect admins to take actions here???

    At least you get to punish or spank them.

    Lol, do you seriously advice someone to move to a different country in order to play a effin video game? This sort of bullshit is the outcome, when someone comments just to have commented. Watch and learn how to give proper advice.

    Flanker36 there is a way to get immune against high ping kicks. You can donate a certain amount to become a VIP player. This way you will support the servers and In return you will be immune against high ping kicks. I don't know the details tho. You have to contact one of the admins here.

    China has a tight control of their internet. You want to play certain games? Well too bad unless you use a VPN/Proxy to hide what you're doing on the internet. The biggest issue with a VPN/Proxy is that a lot of cheaters use this to hide their real IP address. It's hard to tell who is clean and who is a cheater if multiple people are using the same IP address.

    There's really no solution for China players other than play a different game or move out of the country. I think the reason he calls a VPN a "Game Accelerator" is the internet cafe owner doesn't go to jail for providing VPN/Proxy at his internet cafe. An internet cafe is where people buy membership to use a PC for a certain amount of time. It could have 10 PC's or 100's of them. Being a Chinese citizen and getting caught using VPN/Proxy can get you arrested and thrown in jail. This will never happen if you're in a country that is outside of China.

    I fully understand what you mean. But the problem now is that I don't know what the specific technical details of the accelerator we are using, but we don't have the intention to use proxy IP. In the love of BFH and PB clothing, we are not far from playing. If you are so rashly banned for this reason, it is very irresponsible.

    You're stuck in a bad situation because your country China has restrictive internet. If you want to play games without any restrictions, move to Europe, Canada, USA, and etc.

    Are you looking forward to playing Ground War in a 32 vs 32 player server?

    Also, you won't see me in the servers, since I think servers will be divided by regions (North America, Europe, and Asia) like how they did in COD:Black Ops 4. I look forward to throwing frag grenades across the map like in COD4: Modern Warfare. :P I didn't get a chance to play the beta.