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    hey! whatsup freaks?! in the rat, they shot a video after me several times, and what did you bitches want to prove?cry more suckers! grazed me in the spectra like rats! fucking you bastards! decided to register on your shit site! This is my only and final post! I won’t even check that you are idiots, answer me! spit! you idiots do not care about your rat servers do not care! Cry MORE! you probably don’t know that you can easily get out? stupid idiots! instead of watching me, behind my back, it would be better to watch real hackers! just you bastards, the toad smothers! Rage_Da_K1ngguin sucker! I have nothing against your family! do not lie to people that I insult your family! you are a poor victim! it’s hard for you to admit that there are people who are faster and smarter than you morons! you yourself were with cheats! and i saw it !! and my friends saw !! and so many times! and you are not such a lot of you! so what? I don’t like that a man appeared who dominates you, a deer? did you see your c / d, deceiver? liar !! but nothing! I do not care that because of you underdeveloped, I was banned))) it will be on your conscience! I saw that you watched me for a long time, tracked me down. self-taught spies! do you have nothing to do? for sure! you have nothing to do! here and sit and play toys! sleep, eat and play! and adult uncles need to work! so it turns out that such adult uncles like me come and bend you asshole, into all your crevices! if, as you say, I play with cheats ... then this is - unless I would have been banned if I played with cheats ??? PBBANS - Why Then? think about it before the crowd gangs up on one! scum! burn in hell bitches!

    I think it’s worth showing all the proofs to the admins of other servers so that you can’t play anywhere

    I am talking about the enemy running right of him at 7:55 as Cachopelo said. What you are mentioning happens later around 8:02. How is his wallhack telling him there is an enemy BEHIND him? That was pure situational awareness. Not everything he does is wallhacking or fishy.

    I suspect that he has a light aimbot (as at 28:52). Or the cheat shows on the screen all the opponents that are out of its field of vision. Yes, I agree, the moment at 8:02, although very suspicious, but not one hundred percent. But what about the moment at 28:52? He aimed at the enemy, which poses a direct threat to him, and then abruptly transferred to the place where the enemy had just appeared, whom he did not see. Yes, we can assume that it seemed to him that there was a sniper aiming at it in place of this satellite phone. And it so happened that it was at that moment that the enemy appeared there. But the chance of such an event is about 0.1%. And yes, perhaps he is innocent. I think it’s worth interrogating him.

    IMHO, 95% that it is a cheater. He has no understanding of the game, he moves like a complete noob, but he always guesses the location of opponents and has a rather high k/d. The moment at 3:05 is generally funny, he was clearly waiting for the enemy and stopped. Yes, we can say that he heard the enemy, but for me it is impossible to hear any steps with such noise of the desert and others. Although, maybe he has a perfect ear. At 8:09 there was a mixture of the steps of his two teammates. Perfect hearing again? Maybe. Even at 7:55. But the moment at 28:52 is generally impossible to explain. This is a non-standard position, and he aimed at it when he was already aimed at the enemy in front. And he aimed most likely because at that moment the enemy spawned (on the satellite phone). And he aimed quite quickly and accurately, which is unusual for such a noob. It is noteworthy that this person constantly calls me a cheater, dirtyly insults me and my family

    Ich würde sagen, du nimmst für den ersten Schritt Dust & Down komplett aus PB1 raus, da diese momentan auf PB4 angeboten werden und lässt das ganze mal für 2 Wochen so laufen. Du kannst ja die Statistiken intern einsehen nehme ich an. Je nachdem wie sich die Zahlen zeigen, kannst du im nächsten Schritt die von dir oben angebotene drastischere Veränderung einführen.

    I agree, you need to remove Dust Bowl and Downtown from PB1

    Also yesterday was so deceived XD Honestly, I do not understand the motives for this behavior. After all, when people go to the server, they will be disappointed with such a fraud, and poetry will be chosen by other servers instead. Admins make worse for themselves

    This, of course, is not my business. And please forgive me if I climb where I do not need to. But I think it's worth hearing the final decision of the main admin - Antitoxis. After all, even robots are sometimes mistaken. For example, several times it was such that VAC-ban stimulated innocent people in a steam. But then these bans were removed. Maybe the robot made a mistake here too? In extreme cases, you can ask him to record video from the phone in which he turns on his computer and plays. As far as I know, Revan was also banned by a robot (anti-cheat), and he recorded such a video. I think this guy should also be given a chance. Moreover, the online game is falling dramatically, and if you make unfair bans, you can disappoint people and lose even more players. Sorry again that I’m doing something wrong

    fa-srt-01 is all about Rage he ask for Ban for hacker ,how can hacker do that exactly ? sorry I dont see what you see with all the respect only different between us is admin rights noting else. and I only reply "looooool" he start asking me not me

    Wherever you see me, you try to write something about me or slander me. And then you say that this is the first I started? You are a terrible person, you are a liar. And you really deserve a ban for your tongue

    loooooooooooooool your video dont show any hack you only assuming he hack.....what happen he beat your hack.. looool you are a joke

    I think you need to heal your head if you don’t see 100%-proof in aiming through the wall and in 360 degree robotic snaps xD. It’s funny to read from you about the fact that you don’t care about me, while you are trying to slander me in any convenient case, on the server or on the website. I think you should take the advice from this video