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    I think this is a great offer. Of course, you can still add The Block. And in my opinion, you do not need to add a hotwire mode: in it, people just camp and wait for cars with explosives. Those who want to steal a car are not interested in playing, because of which people leave the server

    Does everyone not like the Riptide? I think this is a very good map. Such a war, as at the central point, you will not see on any other map. Very driving map, I think you need to add it

    I think the request will be rejected, but I would only be for it. Most players for some reason want to play on only two maps, and therefore vote only for them (Dust Bowl and Downtown). And if suddenly another map is accidentally selected, then these players simply exit the server

    thats a bug from the spectator mode, i got that on you too already. I woudnt ban him, we need some players

    I’m ready to conduct an experiment, an instant kill at 5:20 cannot be made with 1-2 headshots from the glock at such a distance. I won’t record videos anymore, because almost always, when I go watch him, he starts to stand afk

    I agree. I also didn’t have my emblem working for a long time (for some reason, the default one was used instead) and there was a very strong delay on the server. That is, the ping was normal, low, but the enemy died only a second or even more after I had let in the right amount of bullets. To this can be added the permanent deaths behind the wall and instant deaths. Although there are no such problems on the American server with ping above 100

    so maybe the way you act to me or other need to change ... maybe

    What you write simply does not make sense, because you have no evidence of my guilt. And you can blame anyone for cheating, and it is simply impossible to fully prove the opposite. It is not difficult for me to record a new video, as I turn on my computer and, without launching third-party programs, I play the match well (if you still want, then I will do it, it is generally easy for me). But then you can say that I have embedded cheats in the mouse, keyboard, etc. By your logic, you can absolutely ban everyone, because no one can fully prove his innocence. So what's the point of your topic?

    That one things you said its right . but I am personal guy and I have the right not to trust you and think you are hacker right . this work both way not only your way . some think you clean and a lot think you hacker. lucky you no real system can proov you clean

    Right. In theory, absolutely any player can be a cheater, and it is simply impossible to completely prove the opposite. You can consider me a cheater, but you should keep your opinion with you if it is not proven. Otherwise, it is, it turns out, slander. In my opinion, you need to answer for your words. That you have been insulted is not surprising. For such slander in real life you can get hit in the face, because this behavior is not befitting a real man. I would still understand if you were 15 years old, but at 46 years old it is very embarrassing to behave like this. I also find some players very suspicious, but I don’t call them cheaters until I see 100% proof

    What can I provide evidence? Have you ever heard about the presumption of innocence? If you are guided by your logic, then you can put all those suspected of a crime in prison, even if there is no solid evidence of their guilt. I once recorded a video, as I turn on my computer and without launching third-party programs, I play a match with kd above 11 in the game. But you can say that I embedded cheats in the mouse, on the keyboard, etc. Proving innocence for 100% is simply impossible, even with the toughest test (for example, if you come to my country, give me your devices and a computer, and I will play before your eyes) there is a 0.001% probability that the player uses cheats. Cybersportsmen who have played at LAN-tournaments for years also sometimes turn out to be cheaters. Therefore, you have the right to consider me a cheater, but without having solid evidence, you cannot ban me

    lmao. I'm just wondering: how are you supposed to determine whether a player uses cheats or not? If you have a lot of suspicion, but there is no solid evidence, the player still need to ban? I, of course, don't care what you write, it's just interesting to know what logic guides people like you

    The LF2 is not on our big banlist, its a private server sponsored by an LF Member. And unban-requests belong in the forum, not on the server! We admins do this in our freetime, we dont get any money or something like that. So you need to respect our privacy. This forum is the place to talk about unban-requests and not disturbing us on our hobby playing this game! And that is a ban-reason!

    I need to write a request on the LF website? Do I understand correctly? And then I do not understand English well. It seemed to me that you claimed that I asked for a unban during the game, on the game server. But I did not do this, you can check all chatlogs. I just play very often on this server, for me it is very important. I did not do anything to anyone, I did not break the rules. And I do not understand why I got a ban. I would very much like to receive the unban