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    Quake Champions was my first game in the series of quake) the game is very cool, dynamic and skill-dependent. Develops thinking in critical situations and conditioned reflexes. The gameplay reminded me of titanfall. On it very spectacular tournaments, even more spectacular, than on cs go (IMHO). I even had my favorite players: Belarusian Clawz (my countryman) and Swedish Toxiq. It is a pity that the PR company in the game is very weak. Yes, and the time of such games has passed( Now everyone loves casual games or a battle royale. I think that now there is a degradation of fps-genre

    80% that it's an aimbot. You can see a robotic aiming on the head of the second guy in the 16th minute (when he made 2 fragments with a revolver). Well, the moment at 19:55 speaks for itself. He plays very badly, very badly thinks tactically in the game, but in terms of shooting sometimes gives superfrags. The situation is typical for almost all cheaters

    First, figure out what the hell "nazism" as a term actually does mean. In the context you meant, correct term would be "russophobia".

    Russian players (from Russian Federation) are second largest group after Germans. In reality, Russian-speaking players exceed every single other nationality/language (Swiss and Austrians could also be speaking German) in servers because players from Ukraine, Belorus and other CIS countries - all also speak mostly Russian. Plus former Soviet countries now in EU (Baltic states) - also about 1/4 - 1/2 are Russian-speaking. And that, my friend, is reflecting in server's chat.

    To claim that there's so much French, Spanish and what else is IMHO pure demagogy. "Look at them, they have done it too!" - like kindergarden.

    I constantly see how someone writes in Spanish, Portuguese or French, almost every match. And the words in these languages are not less than in Russian, even more. Only now Russians are constantly being scolded for their language, and Europeans are not. Ok, then that guy is Russophobe, but that's not the point. I just want the rules to be the same for everyone. I constantly see Russophobia in the chat, but these people are not blocked. And when someone says something bad about Europeans or Americans, they are quickly banned. But here even a little in other essence: a little whom even from Russian players block for Russian. But they banned me, because people on the server to me initially biased attitude, in particular, because they consider me a cheater or I play with M110K5. Take for example KampToKill: you know why he complained to me?) In principle, I have already understood everything and I understand, it is impossible to write in Russian on the chat. This is not an official server, and administrators have every right to dispose of the server as they want. I partly acknowledge my guilt, although I do not consider this decision fair. But I have no more complaints.

    Double Post: Gave Aimbooster and Fighter a temp-ban as well for language violation.

    And reduced your ban to 2 days.

    Thank you very much my friend! I also want to ask: is it possible to write Russian words in a chat in Latin? For example, "privet" instead of "привет"? That is, can I write in translit? And more: can I remove the crosshair of the sight for my weapons in the workshop and draw my sight in the center of the screen? Will there be no complaints for this? I do not need to ban MadManzek_D, despite his Nazi remarks, I just wanted to show that there are many violators :) Thanks again, my friend

    OK. If they banned me, then please bump the player ||| Fighter ||| http://battlelog.battlefield.c…rlll/stats/1803517421/pc/. If you look at the chat log, you will see that he was the first to begin this discussion. He pestered me every match. In addition, he was warned many times for insults in English, but he was never banned. Still there are 5-6 people at least, who also offend me and my family in a chat, but I do not remember their nicknames. On the server a lot of people write in Cyrillic, but for some reason they banned me the only one. And I wanted to ask: why do not you ban players like MadManzek_D? He insulted the entire Russian nation, he should be banned for Nazism. In addition, I was told by one of the former admins (Kainzl), and I also read the topic here language on server? # post4798 and thought that the Russian language is not forbidden. The server is written in French, Spanish, some other, but no one looks at it. I do not want to justify myself, I can accept and abandon BFH. I understand that CampToKill supports this server financially and its word is the law, I simply do not consider this decision fair. Thanks to all. It was nice to play on your server. Bye

    Very strange. I've seen him play for a long time, just a good player. But these moments, when he marked the enemies and killed them without even seeing them, are really strange. Perhaps some sort of out of sync, because the observer mode is very curve

    LOL, you will have that face of your avatar when an newbie aimbotter enters the server and starts headshotting everyone with damage cheats. There will be no one to stop that aimbotter. All the cheaters who got banned from [PB], [LF], [XTG], [HAND], and other remaining servers will enter the server and rage hack until it becomes empty. The worst thing they can do is start a hack war to see which person has a better hacks. They will advertise their hacks and get other people to get them too. Imagine that pizzamonster gamer guy with an aimbot. If you tell him to turn it off, he will not turn it off because there is no admin for that server.

    If people do not have the DLCs, they get kicked out of the server. They are not going to wait for the map to change then return to the official VISCERAL server, they will go somewhere else and play in there. Some people have some but not all the DLCs.

    I am financially supporting PB#2.

    Yes, I understand this perfectly. If the server has financial support, then okay. I spoke on the occasion that if the financial support is very small and some server will have to be removed. Thank you for supporting financially PB2. And if you leave complaints about cheaters in the official forums of Battlefield or write to tech support battlfild, then these cheaters will not be banned anyway?

    I think that you can not pay for pb2 tdm. It turns out that the official VISCERAL server is still running for 64 people with all maps. People move there until pb2 does not work. But the official servers with the CQL and Hotwire of 64 people and all maps do not. Therefore, PB1, PB3, PB4, PB5 should be retained

    By this logic: simply kill every server except of one and put both maps and game modes into vote. Ez pz lemon squeezy. Right?

    I did not say that. If the administrators do not have enough money for the server, then you can leave only one server with this mode (one server with a CQL, one server with a TDM). This will be the most reasonable solution, better than leaving PB4 and PB5 with one map and for them to reduce number of slots on the TDM. Play only one map with only one mode and for the sake of it to keep the server - too expensive pleasure