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    My name is Michael I am from Edinburgh, Scotland. I have been gaming since I was very young (old spectrum started it all heh), pc since 13. I am 33 years of age. Zydyk on origin, mikeholyrood on steam.

    I am a music producer and help others in their sound and direct projects to where they need to go and build networks and connections that aid everybody within the circles our collective all operates.

    My first fps to play was return to castle wolfenstein (Jakal was my alias then). I played it competitively and for just over 10 years. I really loved that game. I touched COD and BF series now and again but I was never a fan of BF until Hardline came out. Was never much of a cod player either. touched on c:S too. but rtcw was my main.

    I am not a stat junkie, and have no problem with those who are, I am a objective based player and if that means losing out on a positive kdr to win so be it.

    I did have a phase of hacking (you will see vac ban on my steam). I used to be a "script kiddie" 99-03 which lead on to hacks was fun (Q3 engine mostly) for a while but then community changed and i just lost interest, So I called it quits. I still do some cryptography but mostly to check out what new security encryption companies are putting on their software.

    my interests revolve around crypto currencies, encryption/cryptography, music, symbology and ancient books. :)

    i hope the fact i used to hack wont be problem. i am clean player and have been for number of years now.

    edit: games i am currently playing are star wars battlefront, gta v. was really looking forward to both ghost recon wildlands and mass effect 4 but both delayed till 2017...

    I do have bf4 but not a great fan.