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    short question:

    we noticed that the map-cycle seems to have changed on PB1 (currently: Dust, Downtown, Derailed).

    What happened to Riptide and Glades?

    Hi guys,

    its sad we have to say this, but this is upcoming ...

    in the last weeks the balance on the servers is horrible:

    - all pilots go to the same team, steal both helos and rage even on 6vs6

    - clans go to the same team and rage

    - lots of winning team switching

    - score manipulation to prevent auto-balance or assist to the other team


    :thumbdown: shame on you guys with the "big" names

    this SISSY-PUSSY-PLAY will stop now! :thumbup:

    we will teamswitch you, kill/kick/tban/ban you if we see this going on on servers - even from outside on the console.

    dont come whining ;( - go fair play first!

    cmon guys .. of course campers are annoying and redzone-camping is against rules - but what do you expect us to do? T-Ban every player that ever camped on that hill?

    i tell you what i would do if they were in my team: sneak there, jump their car and drive into action! if they are on the steering wheel: plant c4 under them and have em fly up and roll down that hill ..

    Pls be creative rather then bringing up these topics here! (my opinion)

    djadjuks :

    thanks for spec and upload. as stated above there is no videoproof (only bugs).

    doesnt mean that guy is innocent, but from the video delivered we cannot judge this.

    feel encouraged to keep spec&rec'ing. most people starting this must get used to these bugs to judge - happened to all of us!

    djadjuks :

    The spectator cam is very buggy, just spec more and you will understand.

    Those are common:

    Players walking sideways (cam-bug)

    Players holding another weapon (weapon-bug)

    Players having invisible body

    ... sometimes switching between players temporarily removes some of these bugs

    also i recommend not to chat with the suspect while the proof is not given yet.

    is not banned.

    yeah ... last video you commented there is a clear use of aimbot

    which video/scene do you refer here? pls proceed ban!!

    nochmal zur aufklärung: (siehe rules)

    1. kleine verfehlung 14 Tage

    2. kleine verfehlung perm-ban

    solltest Du noch eine verwarnung bekommen haben zwischen 1. und 2. hast du irgendwie glück gehabt.

    wir sind uns auch klar, dass spieler die perm-gebannt sind nicht mehr bei uns spielen - und 8| das ist dann auch absicht!

    weil wir auch nicht mit verbalspacken zocken wollen!

    und wenn du den BAILOUT nimmst und bezahlst bist du dennoch beim nächsten vergehen wieder auf 2. = permban.

    und den BAILOUT bekommst du auch nur genau EINMAL.

    also deaktiviere am besten den chat.

    'enemy spotted' in Russian should be something like 'vizu protivnika'

    der beitrag oben was er sagt ist komplett belanglos für die aufklärung, er sagt "ich kann das reparieren" wenn er auf ein eigenes auto spottet und du mechaniker bist, das repariert werden müsste oder ich will mitfahren, wenn ein platz frei ist .. usw.

    es ist hier ganz klar ersichtlich dass ein spot ausgelöst wird. und wir gehen jetzt davon aus, dass es ein bug ist/war. haben uns da lange die köpfe zerbrochen und dann eine entscheidung gefällt.

    EDIT: oops i wrote in german .. well looks like you understood it anyway :thumbup:

    BoogieMan :

    first of all thanks for posting this and contributing here. we are taking all these things very seriously!

    and therefore i took my time to read all the words written and videos posted.

    1) i see a proof of a permanent q-spot here! i dont see anything about norecoil. just because this is a common easy-cheat-bundle doesnt mean anyone using q-spot uses norecoil as well. nevertheless both things result in perm-bans.

    2) q-bug. there was a q-bug in bf3 i had this a couple of times myself (thats why i posted the videolink). in bf3 it wasnt great help because of the visual negative-effect shown in the video. so we cannot exclude the possibility of a q-bug in bfh.

    we are well aware of how this can be programmed and that any video from cachopelo doesnt proof his innocence from a possible q-spam script.

    i frequently spectate all players on our servers and such i spectated cachopelo yesterday earlier and he was not showing this q-spamming. he never used that before either. he mentions this bug in chat the first time at 5pm yesterday. this is pretty much in line with the battlereports you posted.

    i instantly spectated him after reading this and he was fine then. i contacted him right after and told him that we will ban him immediately if the bug returns and it would be best to reinstall the game!

    We will debate internally if this was an act of negligence playing for a couple of rounds with this bug on - and how we are gonna deal with this in the future.


    - reopened -

    Hello, we take this very seriously and after investigating and from my experience there has been such a bug before in previous versions . check here.

    Using a Q-Bot is definately not allowed on our servers and will result in a Perm-Ban instantly!

    Cachopelo you must reinstall your game! Dont play any longer with this bug! Or we must perm-ban you just like anyone else!

    Anyone else experiencing this or other bugs giving you a great game advantage must leave immediately and reinstall/fix or get perm banned!