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    Good answer , But I think some have interest to mark some "clean" . that what I think but that just me and very few more

    PBBans and GGCStream only match ban lists from Punkbuster.

    They do not do more.

    If what you saying is right where is the common sense using them ? more then that why someone will build service base on other service that build-in the game.

    I am not sure its correct but I am noob I am no EA certificated

    Well,TeamSU guys have PBBans................. and you know where hackers banned at PB and LF go to play?

    Yeah, hackers go to play to TeamSU servers.

    I guess no matter what I say you will always have something against it ,

    I forgot you EA certificate you have ray vision to see hackers, (wonder what list you take it)

    Hi ,

    Any idea why on PB servers have no anti-cheat service like PBBans and GGCStream?

    And from what I look its not cost money maybe I am wrong but this how its look like.

    Dont you think its better to have anti-cheat service ?


    No I dont it was example not everything he see on stats is 100% right. its all assuming

    But no matter now you ban him.

    Tell me do the server have any anti cheat system or only the basic PB?


    I was just on server half our team was offline and server didnt do any balance .

    I know when server below 50 dont kick but 45 player half players offline game bad cant play

    Anyway way to fix?


    First its not only about you . I did not start the post with your name on it right? and if you notice you always reply my posts not matter what . "On the thief's head is the hat burning" you know this right.

    Now All the above is about me or yourself ? is it part of your sarcastic and patronize behavior?

    Yes your English is much better than my . I am sure Hebrew will be much harder for you to.

    I didn't read the guide I do not really believe you read it to or even anyone in this community and be honest I do not think anyone here really care about you get gold skin like you always say . like this going to change anything.

    I am not going to argue with you about how I play I found out in the community we have some player protect each other here for someone reason I do not know yet. but its remind me old game "Delta Force Black Hawk Down" .

    Have good life I have one request from you I wont speak with you again, Just do not speak with me or reply my chat if I do not speak with you directly can you do that?

    One more post :…latency-in-online-gaming/



    All you have to do is get a slower internet connection plan then you can have high ping like me, since you believe that having a high ping is a clear advantage.

    What you mean I believe did you even read the post or only reply for the title of high ping ?

    Antitoxis   B4n4n45p1i7 Can you please remove is reply from the post no connection to the post discussion.