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    First of all, id like to thank the PB team for basically keeping Hardline alive! Its such a shame more than half of all maps seem forever lost now. Sure Ill play another round of downtown as much as the next guy, but in my mind, so much more content could be made accessible to the boiled down Hardline audience, from which I suspect pretty much anyone who plays at this point owns premium now.

    So my question to you is, is it technically feasable, or an idea, to add the DLC CQ maps to one of the servers, maybe just on weekends, or in the map voting.

    My friend game is dead this is the first time I say it ever... cant keep to much servers for this game community is very small, admins dont have time real life more important . and I understand that.

    Not sure anything can be done as everything here take time and time in this life are money , As you can see TeamEU have more players no matter bad server cheaters or not servers are full always all day .

    Stuck with 2 maps over a year or more and everything need to open post like this one and ask yes no why and not just do ... killed community (pb not clan)

    Was great

    Sorry Schiggi,

    aber wer wegen Rassismus gebannt war und nach 1 Jahr sofort wieder mit N*** anfängt bleibt bitte weg.

    Ich mach das mal permanent - wenn was dagegen hast hau mich :)

    Ich nehme dir den Hut ab, meine Ehre (I hope google translate good)

    here is your proof . the sec he so me

    #PB 4 | best Dust & Down no... iFelinka CAN SOMEONE BAN THIS ZIONIST? December 8, 2019 7:40 PM

    BFHL #PB 4 | best Dust & Down no... iFelinka OMG December 8, 2019 7:40 PM

    BFHL #PB 4 | best Dust & Down no... iFelinka !report LanguageEnforcer Admin abuse December 8, 2019 7:39 PM

    BFHL #PB 4 | best Dust & Down no... iFelinka fuck you israeli December 8, 2019 7:39 PM

    bit of trust

    If I had access to chat log of TemsSU server I bring it and I even complain there.

    Why you think I ask just cuz I dont like is name 0 trust in our community bit of trust

    Look I play with him on other server he start to insult me just cuz of my country

    Why you assuming if he come to this server he wont do it again?

    its the same reason you guys ban cheaters that cheat on other servers you assuming he will cheat on yours so you ban him very simple


    As I said SUV/CAT/Chopper not matter win lose cant use them bro the are tiebreaker

    Asking help from you is asking the cat keep eye on milk very simple .

    And you right its not about me its about everyone

    Lets merge servers mix mode top CQ maps + top TDM maps and we need night map players need to unlock some shit lol

    Fix it loooooooooooooool,

    you cant fix anything if everyone here getting older but some of them dont get affect from the age that mean some are dam hackers.

    I play now BF4 more I have more fun,

    I am PB member its only tag noting else, look SiC clan on BF4 .

    Most of time admin dont play not active and if someone active is not part of PB he is good friend or someone admin trust .

    I really like this game but I cant play two map every day 24/7 all year and I dont like to play on other server cuz he have less players

    one server mix mode very simple and active admins only not active not admin .

    And so call EA expert can't decide who is hacker and who is not . assuming is not hacker and 10000000 hours in multi games dont make you expert

    And if you expert base on time everyone else is and everyone else can judge you .

    PB need to change or quit at the best :(