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    All you have to do is get a slower internet connection plan then you can have high ping like me, since you believe that having a high ping is a clear advantage.

    What you mean I believe did you even read the post or only reply for the title of high ping ?

    Antitoxis   B4n4n45p1i7 Can you please remove is reply from the post no connection to the post discussion.

    You think ? Everyone over the world of gaming know high ping is advantage mostly to one side.(high ping owner). or this is not correct info ?

    I am not sure what you call killable player? When you know or dont know when its killable ?

    Please do give me some other post say something else really interesting to know other opinion

    Hi Antitoxis ,

    Thank you for holding this community and taking the time to make sure everything will work.

    On this server I think need this is what needed .

    Hollywood , BankJob , The Block , Growhouse, = TDM

    DustBowl, DownTown, Derailed,Everglades,Riptide = CQ

    Hollywood to small for CQ that what I think . and I notice a lot leave it and get back when map change on TDM I know its good.

    #PB 1 | CQLarge - TDM Mix | Votemap | -> #PB 1 | CQLarge - TDM Mix | Votemap |

    Mods: TDM + CQL


    DustBowl CQ + TDM

    Downtown CQ + TDM

    Hollywood Heights CQ + TDM

    Riptipe CQ

    Everglades CQ

    Derailed CQ + TDM

    Bank Job TDM

    Geowhouse TDM

    Just remove Hollywood

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    that my opinion Do what every you think is best

    I agree with Smokey. The Night Beast needs a break from the game and from the forum for a month

    Get life I hate Hypocrisy . What!! you hate I dont play with you in game ? Why dont you tell everyone how you keep switch to my squad and tell me I am your friend and I am good player now I need break cuz I care,

    Get life play clean

    Good day

    Wow. This is crazy. I didn't break any rules here. I don't know what this guys problem is. If he doesn't want me stealing the enemy CAT, he should stop giving it away and abandoning it. And whats up with all these lies ? You claim you warned me to stop , but i just ignored you. Then you proceed to show a screenshot of me replying to you in game chat. You claim i destroyed the game and balance that round , yet your first screenshot clearly shows the score is 186-165. Your second screenshot shows the final score was 105-0. Sounds like a close game to me. You also talked about people leaving the server because of this, yet the second screenshot shows 62 players in the server. You keep mentioning fair play and balance, yet you have been caught NUMEROUS times switching to the winning team. I personally watched Cachopelo lecture you about that when he caught you doing it a few weeks ago in dustbowl. You are a fraud and a liar. And you come here and try to get me banned ? Wow bro. Instead of a 2 week ban for me, i suggest you receive a 4 week forum ban for spamming the forum with childish bullshit each day and numerous lies.

    Clearly you dont really know the reason I switch, Not like you I dont play with some players same team I care about balance of the game I never look who is win or lost you welcome to check my win/lose stats . I told you a lot of time stop steal other team cat and if there is stupid player on there other side you dont need to punish all the team. last time we play on Down Town and how convenient someone from your team took the cat before you and I see you coming from police side with CAT can you explain that ? I saw you game you only play cat no cat no kills that mean if you dont have cat you cant play right. problem you dont care about the outcome only your ego. I dont care how you try to make me look end of day you dont give a crap on game balance I am guessing you never switch to losing team to help cuz you only care about yourself.

    have good hunt in game


    I talked to Antitoxis regarding this vehicle stealing issue a few weeks ago. I think it is not a big deal if someone steals an abandoned enemy vehicle and kills a few people with it, especially when the tickets are balanced. But sometimes it turns into a baserape with all flags taken by one team and a ticket difference of more than 500 and both helis, both suvs etc. are used to rape the losing team even more. This is more of an issue.

    Exactly that is what I mean and that is what I blame uncle Waranasse

    The picture proves nothing, how can we know that it has not left anyone?

    If you have a video showing that he is stealing it from the base. Then we can talk again. But I see no reason.

    LOL even if he tell you he stealing it you guys wont ban him its rule again a lot of player of this community.

    but on this round this is what he did with the cat (other side) . not 5 min and on the chat log he said he took it.


    basically he destroy the game of the second team but who care right fair game or players leave cuz one player ego and coward game.

    WHO CARE . And we wonder why BFH is half dead

    NightBeast , I think you don't understand the rule very well, if I am in the CAT or the chopper repairing and one of my team steals it while I repair if it can be reported, but stealing an enemy vehicle I don't think is reportable, provided someone from my team leaves a vehicle I say the same, if you take a vehicle you have to die with it.

    It is not Uncle's problem if someone has left the CAT so as not to die.

    I disagree with you . some player just dont know the dam game that dont mean punishment for the all team.

    I dont think Uncle understand fair game .

    Why I can destroy enemy CAT and not use it why I care about fair game?

    From your word this rule have no power cuz no way to take CAT unless someone leave it.

    End of day I guess my point of view for fair game not fit for the players reply here . Look like wasting my time on this community honesty and dignity

    I will let Antitoxis take call on this,


    This is what happen. Nightbeast was in the CAT, people shot M320s at it, the CAT is on fire, Nightbeast jumps out but gets killed, someone takes it, and then drives off with it.

    My advice: Just die with the vehicle rather than letting the enemy have it.

    Again you assuming something that never happen and stick your nose where you dont need to .

    btw this screenshot as you can see he was on my team and with the second cat the terrorize the game but who care if player leave cuz of him.

    And will take cyanide before I take advice from you

    Waranaess ,

    That is not right, Players need to learn to respect the fair game not only there KD.

    Only way players will stop is to ban them for week or two so the learn.

    I wish we had some online admin to see how its affect the game .