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    Hi Admin,

    Can you please give this guy UncleSmokey99 ban for two weeks.


    I told him in game few time stop stealing other team CAT I told him I report him he ignore me and today he did again

    As Antitoxis said its not allow can you please ban him maybe he learn

    I attach screenshot from yesterday and he did it right now on Down Town

    Btw he dont care he create un-balance game



    Admin close this post please this guy keep provoke me everywhere I go , I cant post anything without him stuck is nose.. make me sick even on server he speak with me no reason just to provoke me .

    Antitoxis please do something ;(;(;(;(;(;(;(;(;(

    This is what it looks like. You can change reticle on all scopes and the color. If you pick certain colors, the reticle is very hard to see in the game (ex. black).

    you know what is your problem you think everyone must hear you opinion and you must show us you know this game so well . we got it move on get life. I check this if you read you cant make it gone even if you check the color it will stay ... and no common sense to make it gone ok.

    Again like in the game you keep provoke me I told you stay way from me why its so hard for you dont you understand I hate you more then any person in the world dont you get it .


    Masirius_PhysiX in side cobra scope you have red cross right ? this one even if you put red dot no matter what color or size you can remove it .

    I look very close to the video few time no cross . btw I did saw you can change size but you can still see it,

    with all due to respect you cant kill good without aim on common server right :)


    You know you can modify your crosshair within the gun bench feature, right? Maybe his modiefied reticle was just too small, a pixel wide for example. So to answer your question, yes it is possible.

    After checking this you can change it but he had noting and you cant have noting unless its hardcore.

    Masirius ,

    I am not sure you right ,

    its scope have is basic cross red color I dont think you can change it even so it was there .

    you talk about different cross .

    btw show me where you can change it?


    Hi Admin,

    I just record video of some players .

    I notice that out of all player only one player didnt have cross on is cobra scope.

    How that can be? he didnt had lag a lot use is gun but only he didnt have it

    is that possible?


    Enough of this. Rage IS NOT the player in this video and not the topic of this thread. Its about Nazarov and this video does 100% prove that Nazarov is cheating. And if your really cant see any use of an aimbot in this particular video you either need some new glasses or you did watched another video as I did.

    fa-srt-01 is all about Rage he ask for Ban for hacker ,how can hacker do that exactly ? sorry I dont see what you see with all the respect only different between us is admin rights noting else. and I only reply "looooool" he start asking me not me

    cachopelo as we agree no one here have EA certificate to confirm hacker . that include you old friend (I lost respect when I choose not to play with hacker same side).

    I see he drop down is gun and shoot someone from above its look like lag and I saw few of your video that can be easy be lag. but I am not EA certificate so I dont know.

    but we dont have hacks on BFH and we dont have LAG on BFH and BFH anti-hack system always update stat of the art against hackers, we live in perfect world and we are not human we robot we never tired the internet never drop down perfect world, when RAGE never drop down 99% of is games from KD 3-5 and have 0 recoil on is gun all shoot head and dead .... maybe I am noob maybe I am old but one thing for sure is Rage is hacker simple as that.


    If you saw the same video I watched, than you definitely need new glassI

    I dont need glasses I said one time to one of the admin we have smart hackers the know when someone on spectate mod .

    The know exactly when to go live and when not to go live he agree with me. but noting we can do .

    The video you saw Rage do the same every time very simple , I dont need video to know he hacker . but what I know I am noob

    Bierklauer first I like to say sorry didnt mean to insult you.

    This is the fact of this game basically no hacker in BFH unless its crazy guy kill spray from one spot everyone :)

    Proof need be from the player that hack you can find some example here from some master Identification of hackers just from the video :P

    Good luck stay away from him is the best