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    Sag mal checkst dus nich?

    Hier wird kein fick drauf gegeben ob du bleibst oder nicht, d.h. entweder du zahlst die 10 tacken oder hasta la vista.

    Und aufm celts server wirste zu 100% auch gebannt, die admins dort sind nämlich, milde ausgedrückt, komplett kernbehinderte nazis, die null verständnis/toleranz für irgendwas haben.

    Wenn die Schrottmühle mal ne Runde hält kann man mir gerne zuschauen.

    Bis dahin wärs ganz nett nicht auf gut Glück bans zu kassieren nachdem man schon über 2 Jahre auf diesen Servern aktiv war.

    Ich verstehe es nicht, werd ich jetzt schon nur aufgrund meiner KD gebannt? Die ist ja nicht erst seit 1-2 tagen so sondern schon seit jahren.

    Wenn man mich spectated müsste man doch sehen, dass keine hacks o.ä. vorhanden sind.

    Das rejoinen ist nicht freiwillig. Meine Grafikkarte ist nicht mehr die neueste und das durchgehende übertakten hat der langlebigkeit auch nicht geholfen. Manchmal kacken halt anspruchsvollere Spiele mittendrin ab wenn zu viel los ist.

    Wenn sich jemand erbarmt und mir eine GTX 1080 Ti zukommen lässt könnte ich dieses Problem gerne lösen...

    - Ingame Name:


    - Ban reason:

    Multihack. According to the PB stats page the ban was issued by someone called "Shaidan1".

    - What do you think came to the Ban?

    No idea. I don't recall having any interaction with that person whatsoever.

    - Why should we unban you?

    Because the hacking accusation is false and the ban therefore unwarranted.

    Das der Vorschlag abgelehnt wird ist vollkommen in Ordnung, man muss als Gründer einer Community nicht alles implementieren, was einem vor die Nase gesetzt wird.

    Meine Kritik gilt dem Mangel an Resonanz.

    Vor über zwei Monaten wurde dieser Thread gestartet.

    Keiner kann mir weismachen, dass man in dieser Zeit nicht mal eine Minute erübrigen kann um einfach "Nein" zu sagen.

    Stadtdessen wird man hier auf glühenden Kohlen sitzen gelassen und muss absichtlich provozieren um mal Klartext zu bekommen.


    Obwohl vielleicht keiner der Personen, die meiner Idee wohlgesonnen waren, morgens die Zeit aufbringen können um auf dem Server unterwegs zu sein wäre es doch Schade zu vergessen, dass viele von denen schon mehrmals in verschiedenen Formen ihren Beitrag zum Wohle der Community geleistet haben und es immer noch tuen.

    I think the lack of any further response from our admin team is sufficient evidence for the fact that nobody seems to care about implementing or even trying these changes.

    A total waste of potential imho but in the very least this antipathetic stance towards innovative suggestions prevents fellow community members from throwing away their free time trying to think of new ways to freshen up the server.

    If you pay close attention to rahns initial post you will notice that he didn't mention aimbot once.

    I'm not certain if the guy uses aimbot either, it's hard to tell on a map where people are always running to the same positions or running up stairs and hills exposing nothing but their heads.

    There's also plenty of situations where the guy simply doesn't hit enemies that are right in front of him (take 00:47, 03:00, 09:37 for example).

    Taking those into account I'd say give him the benefit of the doubt, he isn't aimbotting until clearly proven otherwise, which isn't the case here.

    That being said....

    As I said in my original thread, I wasnt sure. If you actually watch the video, and not just shit talk, like you're doing Nightbeast, you can see multiple situatians, that quite unbelievable. Such as killing a guy, while having the gas effect, who wasnt even on the minimap - happens at 6:04, inbefore "oh ,but he is on the minimap", yeah, right after he shoots him. I said experienced spectators could help me out, not chat whiners like yourself Night

    My thoughts exactly. The part with the gas was the most suspicious moment of them all, together with the pre-fire at 06:10, hinting towards wallhack/esp use.

    Chasing someone through gas isn't exactly what any player would prefer doing, experienced or not. The visual impairment is just too great of an obstacle.

    I've also noticed that this guy almost never spots, in spite of supposedly being a veteran of the battlefield franchise (which is also a questionable statement considering that he has less than ~400 hours in all of those games COMBINED).

    Every single (decent) experienced player spams the spot key like crazy and if you don't do it you're either shit at the game or probably already seeing everybody on the map...

    This stuff is suspicious as hell and I'm 99% sure that person is cheating, but with no first person video you can never be 100% certain.

    His latest battle reports ( 1 2 3 ) also don't add up with his overall (shitty) performance so there's that.

    If it was up to me I'd try to spectate him a few more times to see if there's anything else suspicious... but given that he keeps quitting the game when someone attempts to do so banning him based on your evidence alone might be justifiable aswell.

    Up to the admins tbh

    Why you guys bother posting extensive replies to someone who can't even provide the most basic form of proof for absolutely anything is beyond me.

    Especially if that someone is ignorant and can't be reasoned with, even in the face of concise evidence disproving their claims.

    Just take it as a compliment and leave that person to figure out by himself how the battlefield franchise works and what's possible given the right amount of practice and a certain level of acquired skill... the latter of which he won't be able to attain with this downright inept approach to videogame analysis, hindering self-improvement by continiuosly blaming others for ones own flaws and lack of sufficient abilities.

    1) isn't really feasible since it'd be a major hassle (having to modify every single weapons statistics), given that that's possible in the first place.

    As for 2), LF is already offering a 60% health server right here. Plus there's plenty of (empty) hardcore servers around should people feel like their enemies aren't dieng fast enough.

    I personally don't think there's a problem with people "dieng slowly" in the first place.

    The changes in that patch were probably made to adopt BFH to the rest of the BF franchise where 5-6 shot kills with ARs and SMGs (close range) are the norm. Check BF4 weapon stats and you will see the similarities.

    Battle Rifles are a unique introduction to BFH but even they are balanced pretty well with their 4 shot kill model.

    Those 1-2 extra bullets, which most weapons need in order to kill someone after that patch, take less than a second to fire with even the slowest of guns
    (600 RPM = 1 bullet per 0,1 seconds) so unless you take all of your engagements from a mile away it shouldn't really be noticable.


    There was an imbalanced weapon m110k5. To take something other than him does not make sense anymore.

    The m110k5 has its situational upsides but plenty of downsides when compared to other BRs.


    -3 shot kill potential (which it btw loses if the opponent is further than 16 meters away)

    -Available to all classes


    -Slow muzzle velocity of 330 m/s (compared to scar-h / sg510 / m39 700 m/s, SA-58 OSW even has 840 m/s)

    -Low max distance of 500 meters (every other BR has 1000-1200 meters)

    -Long reload

    -Low min. damage (18!)

    -Mandatory suppressor, no heavy barrel

    -Borderline arbitrary recoil plus a high first shot multiplier

    I don't understand why people complain about this gun. It's half decent but by no means overpowered.

    Und... wie siehts aus?

    Die Umfrage hat wenig wert wenn der Chef selbst dagegen ist, aber zumindest ein ausgeschriebenes "Nein" wäre schon sinnvoll um das Potential für weitere Maps in der Zukunft klar auszuschließen... und somit weiteren Threads dieser Art vorzubeugen.


    So... what about it?

    The survey is kind of pointless if the owner himself is against it, but a clear "No" would at least provide closure as to whether there's potential for additional maps in the future or not... and prevent any more threads of this type.

    Growhouse is not a good conquest map because it's too small for a 64 player server. If one team doesn't try to capture a flag, it gets one sided very fast. It's a very small map for 64 players. Tickets drain very fast when one team has all the flags then the map ends in like 5-10 minutes. It will become a base camper versus base raper game.

    Hollywood Heights and Bank Job are fine.

    Fair enough, I have never tried Growhouse on 64 player CQL but your prediction sounds reasonable.

    So nett die Geste ist wäre doch eine Umfrage im Forum kaum repräsentativ in Anbetracht der Tatsache, dass kaum ein Bruchteil des Spielerbestandes hier regelmäßig aktiv ist.

    Eigentlich hatte ich auch den Thread gestartet in der Hoffnung eine Konversation über dieses lang fällige Thema führen zu können, welche über ein simples 'Ja' oder 'Nein' hinausgeht.

    Als jemand, der Abwechslung in der Mapauswahl fördern will, interessiert es mich welche potentiellen Defizite dieser Veränderung jemanden dazu bewegen könnten diesem Vorschlag gegenüber abgeneigt zu sein.

    Kann ja sein, dass ich etwas übersehen habe, welches den Sinn dieses Unterfangens infrage stellt.


    As nice as it is of you to start a survey it would hardly be representative of our playerbase since only a fraction of the players participate in forum activities.

    Frankly this thread was created with the intention of initiating a conversation about this long due topic that goes beyond just saying 'yes' or 'no'.

    As someone who wants to encourage map diversity for the sake of variation I'm interested to find out which potential detriments are hidden within this suggestion that would induce someone to oppose it.

    I'm not counting out the possibility of me overlooking something that'd render this venture obsolete.


    wollte mal das Thema mehr maps für PB#1 ansprechen. Was hält man allgemein von so einem Vorschlag?

    Ich persönlich finde PB#1 hat sich jetzt schon seit längerem in der BFH Szene etabliert und könnte eine solche Veränderung leicht wagen ohne befürchten zu müssen, dass die Anzahl an Spielern drastisch sinkt.

    Man muss zugeben, dass die selben 5 maps tagein tagaus dann doch irgendwann langweilig werden, vor allem wenn man bedenkt, dass 2 davon als 24/7 only server bereits vertreten sind.

    Es ist verständlich warum man mit wenigen, dafür aber guten, maps anfängt um sich eine feste Gefolgschaft aufzubauen.

    Qualität geht dann doch über Quantität und manche maps sind halt einfach aids (im CQL modus).

    Das DLC maps dafür nicht infrage kommen denke ich ist auch klar, immerhin bietet LF ja einen DLC server an, abgesehen davon besitzen die wenigsten die prem Version des Spiels.

    Aber von den Basisspiel maps gibt es noch 2-3, welche Abwechslung bieten und viel Potential haben den Infanterie betonten Spielfokus von BFH optimal auszunutzen.

    Lange Rede kurzer Sinn: Mein Vorschlag lautet die Maps 'Bank Job', 'Growhouse' und 'Hollywood Heights' probeweise mit in die Rotation zu nehmen um zu gucken wie sie sich schlagen.

    Da kann man nicht wirklich was falsch machen, im schlimmsten Fall gefällt es den Leuten nicht und sie können ruckzuck wieder rausgenommen werden.

    PS: Warum Nightwoods basis, Backwoods aber DLC ist muss man nicht verstehen oder?


    Hey there,

    wanted to know what peoples thoughts were on adding more maps to the PB#1 server.

    Personally I think that PB#1 has established itself in the BFH scene and could afford to make such a change to the server without having to fear for a drop in its population.

    You have to admit that the same 5 maps day in day out will eventually become boring, especially considering that 2 of those are available as 24/7 servers anyways.

    It was a smart move to start out the flagship server using a small amount of good maps, accumulating a loyal following in the process.

    After all quality beats quantity and some maps just aren't very suitable for play (at least in CQL).

    Pretty obvious that DLC maps are out of the question for this aswell, seeing how LF already provides a dedicated DLC server, aside from the fact that most people don't own the prem version of the game anyways.

    But the base game offers an additional 2-3 maps which provide a great deal of variety and allow the infantry focused gameplay of BFH to reach its full potential.

    Long story short: My suggestion would be to add the maps 'Bank Job', 'Growhouse' and 'Hollywood Heights' to the rotation to test how well they are received.

    There's nothing you can do wrong here really, worst case scenario will be people not liking them in which case they can be removed again in the blink of an eye.

    PS: I can only imagine why Visceral decided to include Nightwoods in the base game while making Backwoods DLC content