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    sorry this is Multiaccount we are 3 brothers i play last can u tell me the bann reason i pays 39evro the game for online gaming. someone bann me without reeson. maybe autoadmin thank you and now weekend cant play

    3. Create a theme here with the following structure:

    - Topic of your post: "Playername + Problem (Ban reason)" Champ_BOBO +dont no someone banned me

    - Ingame Name: -C-hamp_B_A_B_O_

    - Ban reason:dont no

    - What do you think came to the Ban?im very intersted about that

    - Why should we unban you? i have done nothing

    - Other remarks

    4. Post your battlereport of the last 2 rounds you were banned (This is a MUST for automatic bans!)

    i dont no how to post that