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    pizza wen u are resocialized they cant bann you anymore noone can be lifetime banned !everyone

    have the chance to play .This is no Dictatorship here ! everyone have the right to play .

    noone can put you in jail for lifetime..this is horrible

    we didnt get the answer why we unbaned for heli ramming we are players community noone can play

    of this ban and noone knows why we get banned .

    we think like in the other forums i read PB and LF decide many players bann with out reason or little things not all!

    there are many cheaters and we are greatfull for that.

    this is horrible and take ca$h for unbann to keep servers alife and keep going on> much more banss much more ca$h

    If this not stop ill Report EA . this is unreasonable

    u cant Do this I bet in One Year noone play this game anymore . and then we talk further

    everyone like Play here Admin, the left hand doesnt know what the right hand does. everyone bann like they are funny and mood !thanks 4 destroying peoples pleasure and JOY! better close server then u can sleep better with clean consciense..

    hello can someone of admins react or answer the question, i was pushed more down in list so nobody see, so i ask again friendly

    to be on TOP of list!

    can someone tell me why this bann for enemy heli ramm? again i ask you friendly with best regards

    Topic of your post: "Playername + Problem (Ban reason)"

    - Ingame Name: CPb_Arkans_tiger

    - Ban reason: enemy atck chopper ramming with transport heli down ? why is this forbidden ? everyone do this! i havent any gunner on board so i decide ramm enemy heli which isnt so easy... reason of bann ...learn Fly ????? wott??

    - What do you think came to the Ban? nice2know

    - Why should we unban you? cause there is no reason for bann

    - Other remarks hope u unbann me soon and if i got a misstake then im sorry but why isnt allowed to ramm enemy heli down . ?? nver heard something like that

    someone banned me because im ramming enemy atck heli down isnt that allowed ? i dont understand..

    iemand heeft me verbannen!