VIP Premium (Click to Read more!)

VIP Premium:

  • Reserved Slot (on 2 Servers) - Join faster
  • No Autobalance (on 2 Servers) - Dont get team-switched
  • Sniper Slot (on 2 Servers)
  • No Ping kick (on all Servers)
  • No Server Messages (on all Servers)
  • Chat-Commands: !killme, !moveme, (on all Servers)

We need your exact BFH-Name and the 2 Servers you want to be VIP on on! e.g. VIP-Basic: The_Dice #PB1 #PB4

GET YOUR VIP-Premium NOW: 1 Monat = 10€, <-> 3 Monate = 25€

Your VIP-Time will start after activation (approx. 1-3 days after receiving your donation)

Support: VIP-Help Page