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  • Jimmy ;-D

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    The following applies to all #PB Servers

    Note: Our partnerclan [LF] may have slightly different rules, they can be found here: Link follows (e.g. no RPG/Tube on infantry maps)

    For most of you these rules will be natural/obvious, but since we had some
  • Jimmy ;-D

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    How to report this:

    • Encourage the other team to assist multiple times!
    • If the the domination and encouragement go on for at least 2 rounds
    • Post the battlereports, post the chatlog (with selected time&date!) and a small summery of what happend!
  • Jimmy ;-D

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    Hi guys,

    its sad we have to say this, but this is upcoming ...

    in the last weeks the balance on the servers is horrible:
    - all pilots go to the same team, steal both helos and rage even on 6vs6
    - clans go to the same team and rage
    - lots of winning…
  • Jimmy ;-D

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    Vorab möchte ihr erst einmal zeigen, was wir einmal geboten hatten:
    First of all we would like to show her what we once offered:

    am liebsten würde ich euch natürlich wieder eine solche Auswahl geben. Man sieht ja auch schön, dass die Server auch…
  • Zimzanawana

    Replied to the thread LT_Columbus.
    Oww I see, well good luck..enjoy and stay corona free