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  • haha Retard!

  • Other games because you've been banned here twice for language, verbally abusing people and false accusations. It is you who is racist and made fun of Russians, Jews, and Spanish speaking folk. You are a disgrace for lying and accusing others and myself. Glad you were banned. Now I have proof that you want to physically harm me. Think I'll refer this to the higher powers, thanks! SRB

  • dont care see you soon on server i play other games right now it doesnt depend all on hardline bf-Check ure language!! i like write here, whats ure problem retard ,dont spam sh** here all day - BIG BROTHER is watching you - ure Bad rassist language will comes back to you, i hope one Jewdish broke ure nose soon , KArma strikes back . its only a question of time wen u will be banned of racism and bad language

  • Are you an addict? You respond every 5 minutes like a druggie looking for his dealer. This guy accuses everyone but can't own up to his own downfalls. Do you have proof of the accusations towards me? I have hours of video with you harassing players. Now he begs to have his ban removed. Leave players alone.

  • Unhinged, but I still love you.

  • Dont spam my board !! grow up 1st

  • I love you:)