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  • hallo BIGDUKESIX

    -G3N3R4LD4V1D34- wurde vom Partner-Clan B4n4n45p1i7 unfairerweise verboten Admin können Sie überprüft, um die Situation zu entsperren
    mein Sohn -G3N3RALK3NNY34- wurde aus Versehen verbannt. es wird wirklich nett sein

  • #Hat sich geklärt
  •…TOPv/stats/1120650826/pc/ Please unblock me. Ban is issued on suspicion of dishonest game.
  • how do i pm you .
  • 00-cliff-00 i was banned for high roof something i spawned on a random team mate and i did fire ,in my defence i was unsure what high roof was but now i do when i was told in game i got down and apologized to all ,i have been banned for two days now and to be honest its like taking me computer away , i would be grateful if you could lift the ban, i have just downloaded robbery and the rest and I'm looking forward to playing online .

  • Just kiss my ass you are peice of coward behind your PC))) Who are you treat on a? Understand you are not normal human you just peice of shit.)) And put your servers straight in your ass. You are acting like 5 years old boy)))
  • I can say you the reason- You are shit. Little shit who make decision without any proof. The reason is- you are using your ass instead of your brain! Thats the reason you little kid. Do you feel king when you block normall users?)) So you got a psighology problems,,,,,;) I dont need to play these online games but thank you for showing how idiot people can be seem! Keep going on you stupid kid- you wiil be here forever, loose your time for this shit i really feel sorry for you. If you need some help just say, i will try to help you.
  • hi admi ..ich wurde gebannt und würde gern wissen wieso gab kein berechtigten grund!! ich bin ganz schön sauer!!!!
  • Mikor engedtek vissza a játékba??
  • Hallo zusammen. Kann mir jemand von euch helfen? Mein reservierter Slot Bei BFH LF1 ist weg! Die Rechte sind noch da! Nickname Metzger2505 danke schonmal im vorraus.
  • Hi ich wollte fragen wie man auf die Battlefield Hardline Server joinen kann ohne gekickt zu werden?

    Schon mal danke im Vorraus
  • Hi there BIGDUKESIX. I whas donating 25euro yesterday ..can you plz arrange VIP Premium for me.

    Thx .
  • please dont leave messages for me here! pm me or open a thread!
    i will not answer here.