Banned for server advertisement of DiNO Server

  • This is just to apologize for using your server as a platform to advertise our DiNO server.

    The reason behind this is not to steal players but to open up a bigger variety of servers to chose from and to at least have a server to play on for us.

    We are living in UAE and only have Punk Buster server to play on. As you know the Hardline player base is rather small and during day time we have none to play on due to no players online...

    If your admins could just have warned us instead of direct ban we would have known that it is not allowed.

    That said, we do understand your concern and regret that we did do the adverts.

    It will not happen again.

    If our Appologies are accepted please unban us and we will not disappoint again.

    Following players were banned for the same reasoning as above.

    - Sn4pssh0t

    - xWildslinger

    - PP5994

    Thank you for your time and understanding.

    Just to add it is the first time we owning a server and its not as easy as we thought.

    We are still learning the rules and regulations... Really sorry guys

  • Yes I fully agree with you and it was nothing personal.

    We are completely at fault and understand completely why you did it.

    Just did not think about it in this sense before.

    Sorry my friend!

    It was an honest mistake and it will never happen again and we will learn from this by putting this rule on our server as well, to not advertise on other servers or risk ban.

    Again real sorry.