• - Topic of your post: Zimzanawana Bad language

    - Ingame Name: Zimzanawana

    - Ban reason: Bad Language

    - What do you think came to the Ban? A Persons sensitive to words

    - Why should we unban you? Everyone has a time of bad words,its not the end of the world.I was not the only one using bad language in a game that is rated 18 years and above.

    - Other remarks

    The other remarks I would like to add that I did not know about this server page and the right ways to report a person that is using hacks and cheats on your servers.

    I would like to add that I got frustrated with ISRAELon_BFH for multiple reasons:Yes people are good players but always getting 1 shot one kill,always knowing the enemies exact location and every move is a bit strange.

    Like mentioned in the threat below.

    Wallhacker and probably aimbot

    Player : [IL]ISRAELon-BFH http://battlelog.battlefield.c…-BFH/stats/1194661646/pc/

    Server: #PB 2 | best TDM | Votemap | pb-clan.de

    This player was very suspicious about his kills. Where ever i was or my teammate was - he would find us and kill us. Even when we didnt make any sound or just hid in the corner of a map just to see if it is actually acurate.

    Soon in the next map - he started to be way obvious with his kills. He would toss a grenade into the toilet where we hid and didnt make a sound, or when we just changed location by sneaking.


    Notice that at the begining of the clip this fool shoot straight up in the air and kills someone. After a minute this fool noticed that i was spectatin him. So the fucknugget started to play "legit" ^^

    Yes there is bugs on the game but this happen last night on the game he reported the bad language on as well.

    I would be glad to record him of feel free to play a few matches against him and you will start to get suspicious as well.

    I would argue that a week ban is much more suited then a permanent ban for a first time offender.


  • I understand your suspicions but you must consider that to know where are the enemies often place cameras or you are reported by another player, who is used to looking at the minimap is definitely advantaged, that's why from my point of view you should remove the minimape as well as the view of those who killed you that makes it practically useless to hide for a sniper.the point is that offending is not the way to have fun is always and only a game insults should stay out.

  • First of all, is this an Unban Request, or a Player Report?

    Second: We already know the video you posted and we already decided that this is not cheating. You can read that in the post YOU LINKED.

    Third: You played on our servers for 3 days and you call various players cheater while insulting them. Your chatlog only consists of insults.

    Fourth: I can not see any apology in your text. Neither can I sense that you at least understand that you made a mistake.

    For me the 2 weeks are a warning. We will keep you in our eye and if you don't stop conversating like we read it so far, you will have a perm ban faster than you can insult another player.